Sunday, 19 September 2021

Deja Vu

 It's been a never ending series of lockdowns and the months just seem to roll into one long 'space'.  I hope everyone is managing well in these trying times.  It's difficult to be missing family and friends but hopefully we will start moving forward once again.

School holidays are here and one thing about lockdown is it's great for getting things done.

I have been busy hand quilting an old flimsy. It was about time my novelty hexies had their time in the sun. It has been very enjoyable finishing this off, as it isn't very big it was quite manageable. I remember how much fun it was fussy cutting the fabrics for the flowers.

The next hand quilting project has been basted today and I'm looking forward to ticking this flimsy off the list too. These clamshells have been hanging around for a few years too.

A recent quilt that was professionally quilted came back to me too. The binding has been waiting to be sewn down, another tick off the list.. My Okehampton quilt is complete. I am so happy with this quilt, just love the scrappy feel of it.

My slow works in progress have been progressing too.

The first border of 'basket case' by Irene Blanck is done...

The first monster quilt top is finished and has been taken to the quilter..... This version is a little different to the original pattern as I have made it for a work colleague. The second one I am working on is as the pattern.

We had a little addition to our household during Lockdown... a new Fox terrier girl has joined us and her name is Gypsy.

She has settled in very well and has an affectionate temperament. I feel this is due to being raised in a home environment with children who have handled her a lot. 

Introducing Gypsy- she has taken to helping with quilting chores very well.

Learning to walk three dogs is a challenge at times, almost like trying to dance with an octopus, but with time Gypsy will find her place and learn to stay on one side ! lol

Hope you have a great day and I hope to post some more over the holidays and catch up with friends blogs.

Happy sewing


Saturday, 5 June 2021


 Well we are in lockdown again... what was supposed to be just one week has become two and who knows how much more.

It's hard not to be disheartened. I work in an area that had Tier 1 notifications and also live in an area that had Tier 1 notifications. I had my fifth covid test at the start of the week for piece of mind and thankfully it was negative. First Vaccination done too so fingers crossed we won't have to be so stressed. When we look at all the numbers for people being tested there are very few cases and those that are, are linked so we should probably calm down a little.

So what sewing have I been up to.....

There has been some time with the sewing machine making up some more nine patch blocks. These can be quite a relaxing project.  Won't be long and I think I will start to sew them together.

Some applique has been done too, of course. I think I'd be lost without some applique to do.

Okehampton is at the quilters and I am looking forward to having that complete!

Block 4 of flower garden is done.

One monster quilt has the monsters all sewn onto the background going to start the circles this weekend.
Little 9 patch blocks to add to the pile.

always encouraging when you can put your blocks together to see how they are growing.

A pretty pile of hexie flowers.....
Won't be long till I can start the stepping stones.

I have some hand quilting on my winter wish list.. might go and see which top is the lucky first?

Happy Days!

Stay safe and well.


Tuesday, 27 April 2021

All over the place....

I feel like I don't have much to show for the second part of the holidays but I know I must have been busy.

Mainly epp happening. I dipped into my 1930's fabrics to make some more hexie flowers and I also bought some lovely fabric for the stepping stones-a lovely mini white on white polka dot.  I ordered some more iron on hexies from Hugs and Kisses store and while I was there I couldn't resist some dresden blades.  I wanted them to dip into my newest Tilda purchase.  As soon as the papers arrived of course I had to make one up, in fact I made two up. My finger needs to recover from the pin pricks so all epp will be put aside for a week or so. 

All the clamshell basting threads were removed and the quilt was taken to the quilters yesterday.  I settled on an edge to edge design. I am looking forward to it coming home.

This week I am working solely on my monsters. I cut out heaps of various sized circles that will be added around the monsters. Which reminds me that I need to iron that backing fabric to get it ready to accomodate monsters!

Hopefully there will be some major monster progress by the weekend then next week I will chose another project to work on.

Happy days


Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Holiday happiness...

 I'm into the second week of the holidays and it is just flying by. The days have been filled with taking my mum to appointments, some play time with our little princess and a little time with sewing friends too. I wish there were a few more weeks to do everything I want to do!

Crafting has featured heavily and I am enjoying all my projects. Started some new ones and planning some future ones too. Bliss!

Completed and sewed on the first border for my Basket case quilt. The corner blocks for the next border are ready to go and the first one is prepped for stitching.

My farm sweet farm was quilted by Jemima's and is just waiting for the binding.
I may not have chosen wisely with the quilting but I still love it. It doesn't look as busy in real life.

Block 3 of my Flower garden quilt is done. No 4 needing prepping.

Needing a carry around project while waiting for mum at her appointments I took the plunge with these hexies.  I purchased them on line from a lady that sells them already basted. Winner, winner.
They have been hidden in a tin for months but now is their turn to make an appearance too.

Some 9 patch blocks have been put together and they are looking very pretty

Holidays wouldn't be holidays without some retail therapy..... This lovely fat 1/4 bundle was on special at Jemima's and they jumped in my bag... Am developing quite a love for Tilda fabrics.

Okehampton needs to be taken to Leanne's for quilting but I realised I hadn't taken out the basting threads on the clamshells, I am slowly pulling them out.

A work colleague has requested a monster quilt so I have made a start. The pattern will be made slightly differently to the version I am doing for myself. No chore making these monsters they are so much fun.

Happy days!!


Friday, 2 April 2021

monsters galore!

 Lots of monsters have been appearing and I have been loving bringing them to life. All of them are done and now to arrange them on a background.

While shopping at Spotlight this week I picked up a clearance fabric that will look fantastic as a background. I am debating whether to put aside the cream background and go with the cream and black.  the fabric was only $10 a metre but there was 40% off so it came down to $6 per metre and the rest of the bolt came home with me!

See what you think...

Block two of  Baltimore blocks done. Loving working on these.

I received a beautiful Email this week from a very sweet Lady called Pam that lives in the UK.

She paid me such a beautiful compliment by saying one of my projects had inspired her to make the same style quilt, and how much she enjoyed my posts.

 Thankyou so much Pam, your email made my day.

Blogging gives you the opportunity to make that extra connection rather than just a 'like' .  That's why I started blogging really, way back when ... as it was a great way to connect with other inspiring crafty people.  A lot of whom have become face to face friends as well.

School holidays have started so stay tuned to more regular posting, fingers crossed.

Happy sewing 


Sunday, 21 March 2021

quick catch up

  can't believe a month has passed since my last post.

I have been busy enjoying my applique projects and have some completed blocks to share. Hanging out for the holidays to also give some attention to my other wisps.

Monsters are popping up everywhere....

First Baltimore block done too.

Managed some retail therapy too..
A lovely trip to Jemima's to add to my stash of fabrics for the backgrounds of this future project.

A trip to Spotlight for some of these pretties.....
The print is much smaller than the print on my May Gibbs fabric that I purchased from a patchwork shop. It looks much daintier I think. A new project will come out of this in the future.

That's me all caught up for now...

Happy sewing!


Ps. forgot to show Spring Bouquet all bound and gifted. thankfully well received!

Saturday, 27 February 2021

something old, somethings new

 A great treat today as I got to pick up my Spring bouquet from Jemimas quilting.  Very happy with the result and hoping that the recipient will be happy too. Binding is cut and ready to sew. Perhaps a job for tomorrow....

Second border is done for my baskets and I felt it's time to start something new, well maybe two somethings.
Both projects have been on the waiting list for quite a long time and now is the time to strike.

Jemimas have the Flower Garden Quilt on display in their shop. One version in felted wools and the other in Kona solids. Both are stunning. I will needleturn my version and will get started once I can decide on which backing and piece fabrics for block 1.

Next on the list is Little monsters . I raided mum's stash today and bought the cute background fabric when I picked up my quilt this morning. the ready made circles are leftover from when my mum made one. Lucky for me!!

Pics of mum's quilt. She needleturned it too.

Happy days...

Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Basket progress....

Work life is settling and I can get some sewing done of an evening without falling asleep.
I have so many ideas for new projects whirling around my head tempting me to start a new project, so far I have resisted but it won't be long till I will give in. lol Watch this space!
In the meantime I have managed to make a start on Basket case borders. One and a half completed. Easy sewing, the outer borders are going to be fun with lots of applique.

I found two nifty and cheap storage containers at Woolworths.
I usually store my projects in tins but have to go through them all when I can't remember what is in them. These are great to pick up and go and have great compartments in the white trays and lots of storage underneath, variable size to suit the project you are working on.

I'll share some little hearts that have been gradually restocking my collection which was quite depleted after I made the quilt for our little princess. It will be awhile before they will become a quilt.
Some friends added some of their scraps to my collection. Others' scraps have a way of injecting enthusiasm to a project.

Hope everyone has a great week!
Happy sewing


Sunday, 14 February 2021

February already!!

 I'm not sure where the time has gone but incredibly it's February. I survived the Christmas joys and New Year.  Crafting has been getting done here and there and there are a few things to catch up on.

Some deadline projects had to be completed and this meant other things were put on the back burner.

Spring bouquet by Laundry Basket Quilts was completed and taken to be quilted for a early March deadline as it will be a gift for my SIL's zero birthday.

I am very happy with the top and it was a very enjoyable project.

A baby Milestone quilt, pattern by Melly and Me was completed and delivered last week in time for bub's arrival. I hand quilted this one and I always ask myself why? lol

I also made one for our little princess, great pattern.

Some progress on my Basket case too, the baskets are all together and the first border is ready for appliqueing.......

Now that we are back in lockdown for five days I got some time with my Janome....

Ten new 9 patch blocks have been added to the stash and some red blocks got sewn together. Very happy with how they look together.

One last photo if you are still with me.... Poppy trying out what a cat's life is all about....

Now I'm off to catch up with what everyone else has been doing while I was in limbo land!

Happy days.


Deja Vu

 It's been a never ending series of lockdowns and the months just seem to roll into one long 'space'.  I hope everyone is managi...