Saturday, 5 June 2021


 Well we are in lockdown again... what was supposed to be just one week has become two and who knows how much more.

It's hard not to be disheartened. I work in an area that had Tier 1 notifications and also live in an area that had Tier 1 notifications. I had my fifth covid test at the start of the week for piece of mind and thankfully it was negative. First Vaccination done too so fingers crossed we won't have to be so stressed. When we look at all the numbers for people being tested there are very few cases and those that are, are linked so we should probably calm down a little.

So what sewing have I been up to.....

There has been some time with the sewing machine making up some more nine patch blocks. These can be quite a relaxing project.  Won't be long and I think I will start to sew them together.

Some applique has been done too, of course. I think I'd be lost without some applique to do.

Okehampton is at the quilters and I am looking forward to having that complete!

Block 4 of flower garden is done.

One monster quilt has the monsters all sewn onto the background going to start the circles this weekend.
Little 9 patch blocks to add to the pile.

always encouraging when you can put your blocks together to see how they are growing.

A pretty pile of hexie flowers.....
Won't be long till I can start the stepping stones.

I have some hand quilting on my winter wish list.. might go and see which top is the lucky first?

Happy Days!

Stay safe and well.



  1. Lots of beautiful projects happening at your place Marina. Your applique is beautiful and I love the monsters! The nine patches sure are growing, very pretty hexies. So good to hear you have had a negative test, I think of you every time your suburb is mentioned. Hopefully at the end of this week things will get back to kind of normal.

  2. Stay safe!! Your sewing is beautiful!

  3. It would be disheartening for you to be locked down again but I guess the only up side is you get more sewing time!
    Beautiful appliqué block and the Monsters look great..
    Your hexies are very pretty and the 9 patches will make a lovely quilt.....
    Stay well. 🤗

  4. Wow, you have made the most of lock down with your projects. Lovely work. And lots of progress.
    Yes, it will be good to get vaccinations done. At least this scare has made people get in and get it done.

  5. Hi Marina - glad to see you have some beautiful sewing to keep you occupied. Your applique is exquisite.

  6. you have some really gorgeous projects on the go.... may as well take advantage of the time for shutdown..... xx

  7. glad your restrictions are lifting now......its so frustrating people just cannot do the right thing.......had my first jab last week also......

  8. Beautiful stitching and projects, stay safe.x


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