Tuesday 4 June 2024

June already!

 I can't believe May has passed by soooooo quickly. I must say my good intentions of hand quilting has hit a brick wall thanks to some pain in my shoulder and arm but I have turned my attentions to some woolly creations. A work colleague that I made the previous pink and green scarf asked if I could make her another. At first she requested sunset colours but when we looked on line she chose another pink with a splash of magenta and purple.  It came together quickly and just needs the little dangly bits made and attached.

while I was in the swing of crocheting I figured I should start my own project of a shawl type scarf. I started the pattern I had selected a few times and couldn't get it to work properly so decided to track down the pattern of a beautiful shawl that I had seen at a little craft shop in Healesville when I met up with Fiona and Liz. Through the beauty of online shopping it was promptly accessed and after a few rocky starts it was up, up and away. There has been a lot of frogging but I am being quite pedantic and checking my rows have the correct amount of stitches each time.
The pattern gets a little lost with the variegations but it's looking ok I think.

When I first learnt crochet from my mum I was taught that there was a front and reverse side to crochet. Whenever I look at other people's work it seems that it isn't a 'thing', and I put it down to my pedantic nature when it comes to crafting and the way I was taught lol.
The pattern above does identify rows by front and back rows - so it may not be just me?
What do you guys think?

This pic shows the front and back sides
Left is the front                                                                      right  is the back

would love to hear from others 

Have a great day



  1. There is definiotely a difference between front and back - I can always tell! Love the pretty pink scarf and your shawl is coming along nicely. xx

  2. I love that shell crochet... what stitch do you call it? I can see a difference between front and back but not that is a problem....both sides looks good but I would take note putting blocks together. Well done finding that pattern!!! I remember it and love the yarn you are using. Sorry about the shoulder - I think it is probably common for us crafters - we are hard on our shoulders...

  3. Love the colour of the scarf Marina, it is stunning. I have always thought there is a front and back to crochet, someone said last week that when they crochet squares they go one way and then turn and go back, that way there is no front and back - had not heard of that before!

  4. Your scarf looks wonderful, again. Time for me to get organised.
    And the shawl looks like a lovely pattern, too.
    Yes, I was taught there was a wrong and right side, but I sometimes wonder if the type of stitch can make a difference.

  5. Lovely crochet ... I'm just happy if mine looks presentable :)

  6. What a beautiful pattern and yes there is a right side...I agree with you. Your shawl/scarf is a lovely design too xx

  7. Sometimes things just get bumped when there are other priorities. Lovely scarves!

  8. Your shawl and flowers are beautiful. So is the quilt under the shawl.


June already!

 I can't believe May has passed by soooooo quickly. I must say my good intentions of hand quilting has hit a brick wall thanks to some p...