Saturday, 27 June 2015

a day of retail bliss!

For my birthday that we don't like to mention, the girls at work gave me a gift voucher for Patch and quilt in Gisborne. This was an amazing gift that I was looking forward to using!
Elyte had mentioned a trip to Patch and quilt to attend the book signing for Irene Blanck's wonderful book of patterns published by quiltmania. I hit the road with Thelma and Louise (aka Anne and Elyte) and we headed off to Gisborne. Now a visit to Gisborne would not be complete without a visit with the Gisborne girls so we met up for Coffee then headed off for some retail therapy and to see Mary and Irene.
Of course we had a fantastic and frivolous time and I even made a new friend. Wonderful isn't it?
would you like to see my goodies....
I have been inspired to add to my blues stash, some gorgeous fabrics and some wonderful inspiration in Irene's book. There are quite a few of the projects that are on my new to do list, now that I am such a fan of needleturn applique. I also booked in for a class with Irene for August-so exciting.
Can you tell that there was some laughing involved?
 Here's a pic of my companions for the day.....don't they look so demure and lovely?
 Well not always.....they can be silly and lovely. and you knew I would post it didn't you?
the silly girls are ... tania oops meant tracee, marg, tania, anne and elyte at the back

thankyou girls for a wonderful, fun and inspiring day!!  Sorry I didn't share

Now to share some quilting because some of you asked for it....
Nearly finished this edge border, My stitches are getting a bit neater. Another border to quilt and then it will be on with the binding. I can't wait but I know there will be a few more weeks to go.

Hope you all have a wonderful crafty weekend. I hope to make a start on my latest baltimore block.I am way behind well according to my agenda anyway.
Happy days!

Monday, 22 June 2015

some pretty pictures..

Nothing much happening here, quilting is filling most of the crafting time I get. 
I am working on the end panels of my Park Avenue quilt. I am quilting a lattice design and I am liking the effect.
I had quilted around the wool applique but decided to unquilt it as there were too many uneven and puckered parts. 
As I wasn't well I didn't stay at applique class last week, just popped in long enough to pick up the pattern and any tips that might help. I still haven't started mine as I can't seem to find my bias maker. I'll get to it this week hopefully. In the meantime I have some pics of the rest of Mum's Once upon a time blocks and her baltimore blocks. She has gone great guns with her recent block. I think she is going to leave me for dead this month.
block for June

the lovely princess...
the frog prince and regal accessories.. There are two of each block.
Won't be long and mum will be sewing them together.
Hopefully next post there will be some progress on one of my projects...
have a great week

Sunday, 14 June 2015

popping in

It's a beautiful sunny day in Melbourne this morning and I have had a rotten cold this past week which has seriously curbed my enthusiasm for most activities, including sewing.
It's been a lovely two weeks at home, besides the cold, and back to work tomorrow.
Yesterday was a day I was hanging out for, a great day spent at a sew-in with Sunbury quilt group.
Anne, Robyn, Elyte, Tania, Marg and Sue were there and we had a back up Marina as well (another Marina from Gisborne) another new friend too, Gabbi. Funnily Marina and I seem to sit together when we have been at sewing things. Can make for interesting conversations when someone calls our name or when we talk about each other as it sounds like we are talking about ourselves in the third person.
Sue was taking some incriminating pics , I was busy stitching (for some of the time) but I am a little worried about some of the photos that may turn up lol. There may have been some silliness.
It was lovely to have a laughing day with the girls thanks for the great day out!
I have some lovely pics of some gorgeous gifts that have made their way to my place and to the sew in yesterday. I wouldn't even mention the occasion but I do want to acknowledge the lovely gifts so I have to put it out there.  
 this parcel of lovelies arrived from Els in the Netherlands. Those fabrics are going to make some gorgeous Sweet William baskets... and the little dolly is an 'upside down doll' so cute.
 this loveliness arrived from Fiona (bubz rugz) Such beautiful stitches! I have always wanted to stitch this design. No need now I have a beautiful one of my own!
 A gorgeus pincushion from Robyn very regal don't you think (and so appropriate) and a very pretty charm pack from Elyte, my mind is already swirling with options for using this!
 Straight to the pincushion shelf for this treasure!
 thought I would share these as they have a sewing theme, from my wonderful SIL.
And the reason for all these gifties, you might have guessed...

 This morning our no 3 son insisted we come out and look at his car, this is his baby and he is slowly doing things to it to improve it (and sap money). It is a lovely old Panel van from the '70's. It can only be driven in fine weather as he doesn't want it to get wet and it has to be garaged so it isn't in the weather. What a princess!
Well we had to come out immediately to look at the tyre rims. Well aren't they amazing (yeah whatever)!
I told him I must take a photo and blog about it it's so amazing as I am sure my crafty friends would be dying to see it........(please insert sarcasm here)
Just had to share the excitement and joy with you girls.

It's so amazing it deserves a close up...

There you are motherly caring and sharing done for me now..
Now will share just one more pic... Had to have a play with Sweet William blocks just to get an idea of how it was looking. It will need to be a bit bigger but I just need to work out how much bigger. I might even make the blocks all facing the one way? Another option.  It's so exciting to see them together. Won't be long and I will get to making the extra baskets. In the meantime there is still some quilting to do...and a quilt to bind and wips that need attention, ufo's to work on etc etc etc... I know you all understand...

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday

Friday, 5 June 2015

sweet obsession and quilting

I have been obsessed with working on my sweet william blocks and loving it..
Here are my latest blocks. I only have one left to applique and then I will need to decide how much longer to continue this love affair. Whether to stop it at 20 or keep going.
I don't really want a huge quilt just a lap size quilt would do, so I have some thinking to do.

 This block wasn't included in the patterns but was one of the blocks that was on the original 1800's quilt.
I managed to draw it freehand and make it up. I was happy to try to incorporate some of the original blocks that weren't used in the modern pattern.
 the original quilt had a block with pomegranates on it so with some help from the internet I found a design that had pomegranates that transferred well to my basket
 I really enjoyed this block, a chance to use my favourite purples and some special green fabrics too.
 This has to be one of my favourites....
It looks a little wonky in the photo but it is a little more even in real life. Loving it!

Now that these are done I thought I should get back to my Park Avenue hexies quilt.
I thought I was only half way through the quilting but to my surprise I had actually quilted three quarters of the quilt. Woo hoo bonus!! I am feeling quite enthused and keen to get this done.
the quilting is a little over the shop and I foolishly backed it in a red fabric that is very unforgiving with my uneven stitches but at least it looks acceptable on the front, I just won't show anyone the back.
It's been wonderful to snuggle under this especially seeing as the weather has turned quite cold at night.
Here's to a great weekend!
hope you all have a good one too.
I'm off to snuggle some more and quilt my little fingers off.
happy days

Monday, 1 June 2015

baltimore block 3

Block 3 is done and dusted. The top of the vase sits a lot better in real life so I don't think I will unstitch and redo. Other than that I am quite happy with it.
 Another sweet william block done too....Only five of this batch to go!
Then I will need to decide if I want to go as big as the pattern as that will mean another 19 blocks to be made. A smaller version would definitely be more practical but I will wait and see....
All part of the fun.
Happy days...

Sunday, 24 May 2015

pincushion swap

Is seems a while since I took part in a swap but I jumped at taking part in a little swap organised by Susan of Thimblestiich and today is reveal day!!
I love it when you have to try to work out your partners likes and dislikes.
So after some not too obvious stalking of Dawnies blog I came up with a few options but narrowed it down to this...
I enjoyed working with the subtle colours and hope to make myself one with the leftovers.
 this is the gorgeous pin cushion I received from Deb of frogcottage designs.  Who would have guessed I would love a hexie design? I absolutely love it and Deb has used so many beautiful fabrics. She also included some pretty little theodora cleave buttons (oops didn't get a pic of them) There are also hexies on the bottom, and those prairie points are perfect. Love it thankyou so much Deb and big thanks to Susan for organising the swap.
 There has been slow progress here on my blueberry ripple blanket and last week I was missing Sweet William a little bit so pulled out a few blocks to work on....

those little pink flowers were quite a test and luckily I got some practice for my new Baltimore block as  it has lots of similar flowers on the current block.
Have made a flying start... lots more applique to go on this one, I'm loving it.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.
Off to a dog club day today so Coffee will be having a great day at a pet resort with other curly four leggers.
happy days

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

some finishes

It feels good to have some finishes...
I finished the raspberry ripple and am on to a blueberry ripple for my other niece. I am enjoying working on these on the cold nights we are having recently.

I couldn't wait to bind my mini that fiona quilted and it was bound and hanging in no time.
Another finish was this item from my ufo list. I can't remember what month I chose to work on this but it only got to the top stage. With my new walking foot I was able to run some simple quilting lines and get this finished. I am loving having it on the table. I am so glad it didn't become the dilly bag it was intended to be.
The carnation in the pic is from our garden. I am not a fan of carnations but this one is quite pretty.
Not much other crafting happening at the moment. I have two more Sweet William blocks prepped ready to go and I am looking forward to working on them.
Hope you are having a great week

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

more applique and a quilted mini

Seems like time is flying by...... especially the weekend!
There has been more applique happening here and mostly crochet. I finished my raspberry ripple blanket and worked on my second block for the Baltimore class.
there were some challenges with the curvy flowers but am reasonably happy with the result. The little buds took some doing and undoing but I got there in the end
 Here is my block....
 these are the little blighters that gave me so much trouble.

 Mum completed two of these blocks for her quilts and also completed another Once upon a time block...
A carriage fit for a princess. This week she completed two frog princes. I will get a pic of them this week.
I also had a wonderful item in the mail.... I had asked Fiona of bubz rugz if she would like to quilt my Lisa Bonegan sewalong mini. She kindly said she would and WOW!
It's very hard to see the quilting in the photo of the right sidebut take my word for it it is amazing, all those fabrics detract from the quilting lol
 But on the back you can see how amazing the quilting is...
The photos don't quite do it justice but the flash does show how much work is in it.
 I love these little 'cathedral' arches.
Now to bind it and hang it.. I have just the spot. I might even swap it around to the reverse side every now and then.
Thankyou so much Fiona for completing my mini.
Is it the weekend yet? I so wish it was.
Have a great week

Sunday, 19 April 2015

some applique distraction.....

Well it was back to routine this week and it seems like those two weeks were so long ago. It always seems to feel this way.
One highlight was that on Wednesday Mum and I went to our applique class and got our second baltimore block.
I will post some pics once there is some interesting applique on my block. Bias stems (which we learnt to make)amazing as they are, are not very interesting. and they are all I have on my block at the moment. I had to redo my block as when I put my bias stems on the fabric they seemed to pucker in a few places so it was unpick and redo.
My progress was also hampered a little by a distraction...still applique but on a smaller scale
I went to my local quilt shop to drop off my butterfly top for quilting and got some help to pick out fabrics for this project. As I am having an in house retreat due to the absence of the mere males of the household I am having heaps of sewing time. So loving it!
 I am quite happy with the result. Some more stitching then this can get put together.
 An update on my raspberry ripple is growing nicely.
........ and here are some pics of a quilt mum is making for her great niece. Seems she has gone mad on applique!
Do you see where I get it from?

Hope you have had some crafty time this weekend.

Friday, 10 April 2015

all good things....

....must come to an end.
I have been trying to make the most of the last few days savouring the time to get things done, having fun in the sewing room and spending a crafty day with friends.
It has been quite a productive break and you can't complain about that.
Yesterday I spent the day with Liz (the village quilters) and Rosalie (Briar Rose). Mum came up too and we shared some laughs, stories and sewing. Liz and Rosalie brought some show and tell with them and we were gobsmacked at how beautiful their finishes were. Liz brought her (my new quilt) AAHH top that has been put together. It is amazing!! I tried to steal kidnap it but there was not much chance of that happening.
Rosalie brought her crazy quilt to show and it was breathtaking. So much detail and such beautiful stitching.
The photos do not do either of them justice but here is a peek They are absolutely stunning.

I didn't take a photo of what the girls were stitching but Rosalie and Liz were working on two gorgeous Teddlywinks quilts. Mum was appliqueing like a woman possessed. She has found her mojo and is working on a quilt for my cousins little girl. I will get pics of that soon.
I wasn't idle and pulled out a 'had to do' project that has been sitting around for too long. Not quite finished but I'll share the finished item when it's done.
I did manage to tick two big things off my holiday list.....
The boys story quilt has been completely finished. The binding went on last night. I am very happy to have this done and it can go to it's new home next week.
the back was pieced from the leftover fabrics... Quilted by Jemima's with a jigsaw design. I love the quilting. They used this design on the dr Seuss quilt I made for No 1 son.
Second tick off the list was to try to complete the top for this special quilt..
Well it's a big 'done' and I have the back to piece then it will be ready for quilting.
I ended up going for an off white background as the taupe seemed to dull the butterflies too much and I wanted it to be bright and cheery.
Well Phew if you're still here thanks for sticking with me through all my pics.
There are just a few more to share..... Our passionfruit vine is flowering and I think they are the most amazing flowers so I wanted to share a few.
this one reminds me of the plant on the Little Shop of Horrors.... Feed me Seymour.....

One last pic of my latest sweet william block..
thanks for getting through all those pics.. there are some more that can wait till next post.
Have a great weekend