Monday 18 September 2023


 Good intentions just weren't enough and just like that it's mid September.

Some progress has been made on the usual projects and School holidays started this week.  All my hopes for social catch ups and sewing have been crushed thanks to our old friend Covid. I started to be unwell last Wednesday and thought I just had a flu as Covid tests showed a negative result but low and behold on Saturday I tested positive. It explained why I felt so bad. I am on the improve a little each day but I seem to feel to fatigued after very small exertions. That's life !

I do have some pics of the progress that has been made in the past month to share though.....

the next row is ready for the Who's who at the zoo....

Next hometown block done and the third prepped.

More crochet happening this is the third scarf being made. I love how the colours unfold.

Some squares for an un-yet decided project

two more blocks have been done from the owl and hare set. I still don't know how these will go together yet. 

That's me caught up and hopefully if I feel better I'll get to make some more progress on my works.

Happy days



  1. Love your zoo blocks, they are so cute. The scarf is gorgeous. The owl & hare blocks look lovely.

  2. I hope you are much better soon Marina, Your zoo animals are super cute! Wonderful blocks, crochet and stitching.

  3. bugger to get ill at the beginning of holidays.... at least you have a bit more time to rest properly though - some lovely hand work is keeping you occupied... get well soon..x

  4. Your zoo blocks are a lot of fun and it is good to see the collection growing.
    And of course you know I love your crochet.
    Lovely work on the hometown blocks and the owl and hare.
    I am sorry you have had your holidays affected by covid. I hope you can bounce back quickly.

  5. Oh no Marina........ Hope you're on the mend fast..... Take things easy........ Beautiful work there........


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