Saturday, 27 February 2021

something old, somethings new

 A great treat today as I got to pick up my Spring bouquet from Jemimas quilting.  Very happy with the result and hoping that the recipient will be happy too. Binding is cut and ready to sew. Perhaps a job for tomorrow....

Second border is done for my baskets and I felt it's time to start something new, well maybe two somethings.
Both projects have been on the waiting list for quite a long time and now is the time to strike.

Jemimas have the Flower Garden Quilt on display in their shop. One version in felted wools and the other in Kona solids. Both are stunning. I will needleturn my version and will get started once I can decide on which backing and piece fabrics for block 1.

Next on the list is Little monsters . I raided mum's stash today and bought the cute background fabric when I picked up my quilt this morning. the ready made circles are leftover from when my mum made one. Lucky for me!!

Pics of mum's quilt. She needleturned it too.

Happy days...


  1. The quilting looks lovely. It is always fun to pick up a quilt when it is done.
    You have picked two lovely projects to go on to. Both lots of work but they are great choices. Enjoy.

  2. Stunning quilting on the Spring Bouquet Quilt and I'm sure it will be treasured.
    Love both new projects and the first one is just your style to make and the Little Monsters is a gorgeous kids quilt.
    Have fun with both...

  3. I love the monsters, what a great quilt. Wonderful to have the left over circles to get you going. The Flower Garden quilt will be stunning Marina and your Spring Boquet is gorgeous, the quilting is amazing, the recipient will love it I am sure. Beautiful work as always Marina.

  4. Love the quilting and happy binding for that one... Two new lovely quilts coming up...looks like you will be busy for a while...

  5. I also have the little monster pattern tucked away for a rainy day start your mums looks fabulous.

  6. Spring Bouquet is so beautiful and the Little Monsters is so cute - I hope you really enjoy making that one.

  7. Spring bouquet - wowzer big time!

    LIttle Monsters - ADORABLE!

  8. Beautiful quilting on Spring Bouquet and two lovely new projects to look forward to. xx


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