Thursday, 23 June 2022

catch up

 Wow, can't believe I've not posted for nearly three months. Life gets busy and there doesn't seem to be enough time to do everything. Thankfully that hasn't meant that crafting has been neglected!

I started a new project in the time I've been away, My favourite things by Red Boot Quilts. Each week Toni posts some new blocks, it is a free project but you are welcome to make a donation. Such a generous designer.  I have decided to needleturn mine as I am not fond of blanket stitch anymore and this makes them a great portable project.

I printed and prepped the blocks as they were coming out and I just couldn't resist starting them and seeing as they were already to go they have progressed quite quickly and I am caught up with the blocks. Of course I've omitted a few but that's fine with Toni. Not sure how many blocks there will be but so far there is over 50. 

Toni uses buttons for her eyes on the blocks but I have used wool felt for eyes and noses. A great alternative and kiddy safe.

Prepare for the photo onslaught....

I decided I should do a tally of works in progress... I have 11. How many is too many?

Are you  prepared to confess to how many you have?

Seeing as I have caught up I will shift my attentions to my neglected Monsters quilt. Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful Day 



  1. I posted a link to 31 ufos and wips on the sidebar of my blog. There are others i do not hve phots or blog posts about. Those are really cute little bloks.

  2. Love your blocks. They look wonderful. Hugs,

  3. Your new project looks fun - lots of interesting blocks so far. I am not prepared to count my WIP's! xx

  4. Very generous of Toni and your blocks look wonderful. It's going to be a fun quilt xx

  5. Your “ Favourite Things “ blocks look lovely .. Toni is a very generous lady with her free patterns…. Hmm! I count 8 projects so far….

  6. How delightful!!!! Those blocks are so cute! I think I have 2 WIPS but have lots of other things ready to go!

  7. What a delightful quilt all that applique will make.

  8. Keep on blogging my friend... it is so good seeing all your blocks... they are just lovely. I am just not going in to work out how many works in progress there are ..... but there is lots. I don't think we can have too many.....

  9. Wow Marina what beautiful blocks, great idea with the eyes and noses. I really enjoyed the photo onslaught!!

  10. These are great blocks. Love your beautiful needleturn. So neat!!!
    And have a wonderful holiday break.

  11. I do know what you mean about time just whizzing by. I love your blocks - they look so good in needleturn - it makes me want to start making these right away!! I love how you found the perfect fabric for the fish :-)


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