Wednesday, 29 June 2022

lovely labels and something new

 My favourite things blocks have been put aside for now as I need to prep the latest blocks but lots of circles have been getting appliqued to surround my monsters. No photo at the moment but will definitely get there.

I thought I would share some labels that have been done in the past few months for quilts that were gifted. the first was for a friend that is going through some health issues and the second for a close friend who has become a nanna for the first time.

Did I mention that I started another new project while I have been absent? oops....

Last holidays a friend and I took a trip to Gisborne and stopped in to Mary's shop, it is one of my favourite shops to visit. This pattern just seemed to jump into my hand, you know how it is?

Earlier this month I decided to get the second pattern book of Australian native flowers to add variety to my blocks. Liberty and Tilda stash is being used for the orange peels and they look quite pretty. I also thought it would be a great way to incorporate some of my doilies that I had found while op-shopping.  I think they lend themselves well to this project.

My embroidery skills are a little rusty but I am enjoying revisiting those skills and I am hoping they will continue to improve as I learn new stitches too.

My crochet blanket has been a great pick up and go project to do while I am babysitting and my little princess is sleeping. It is growing nicely and is a perfect project for the cooler weather.

There is another princess that thinks crocheting a blanket is a good idea too!
Poppy insisted on being on my lap while I was working on the blanket last night, only her ear was sticking out lol. The girls do like their creature comforts.

Happy Days!



  1. Such a nice way to wrap your quilts and the doily labels are lovely.
    Beautiful embroidery on your new project. Perfect way to use Liberty and Tilda fabrics.
    Great pattern and colours for the crocheted rug. Poppy looks very cosy there.
    Maria from Life on the Block.

  2. Pretty labels and those orange peel designs are gorgeous! xx

  3. Beautiful labels Marina, they make the quilt very special. Your new blocks are stunning, the needle work is exquisite!! You are very clever. Love that little ear poking out there, one happy pup.

  4. Lovely labels and your stitchery is beautiful, that will be an amazing project to work on. Looks like a cosy spot for a nap.

  5. I love the way you are stitching those orange peel blocks and look forward to seeing how you progress.

  6. The labels are delightful. Great way to use the doilies and they make them even more personal and special.
    I had a big smile when I looked through the rest of your post as i have recently obtained that same pattern - the one on the right. And of course I am working on the same crochet blanket.
    You could write my posts for me.
    I do love the little ear sticking out from under the blanket. Very snuggly.

  7. Gorgeous quilts and very special labels... I adore your stitchery project and great to have another book to work through... your crochet is coming along well... lovely quiet thing to do whilst a princess sleeps

  8. I've seen the orange peels but I am resisting.......

  9. Your quilt is beautiful Marina. I love the new one you are working on.


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