Friday, 21 January 2022

something new....

 I was contemplating a backing for my liberty dresdens top by using my remaining Liberty stash.

I thought hexie flowers would be good but after much debate I decided to just piece some fabrics together so that I could take it to be quilted. It was a top that I had hoped to hand quilt but I don't think that is a realistic option at the moment as some pains in my fingers and arm won't be too happy about it so I took it to be machine quilted today.  As I had been very enthusiastic about the hexie flowers originally of course I had gone and cut heaps of them so that they would be ready to go but now they will get to become a project of their own replacing the hearts as my ready to go project. So much for cutting down on projects!

So all I have to share this week is some crochet progress (stalled as I had incorrectly ordered a colour) and the start of some liberty hexie flowers.

Happy Days



  1. The hexies are pretty. Love the pattern of your crochet. Hugs, xx

  2. Great things are happening in your world even though you are not using the hexies as planned. That is the joy of our hobby. YOu can change it up as you wish. It is exciting to have a top sent off to the quilter though.

  3. Those are some gorgeous colors in your crochet.

  4. I love to see there is something new at your place and then find out what new beauty you are going to make....

  5. We always need a new project to keep us amused. The hexy flowers will be ideal for our Zoom get togethers. The fabrics work so well together.

  6. Your hexies look very pretty, I'm so very tempted by the liberty prints. Your crochet will keep you busy when your yarn arrives. I love to crochet in the winter time.


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