Saturday, 22 January 2022

Free to good home....

 Spent the morning destashing and trying to downsize my 'stuff''

I have some patterns, fabric and bits and bobs to clear out if anyone is interested.

If you are happy to contribute postage that would be wonderful (especially if anyone overseas would like an item)

assorted size yo yos
Iron on pattern used once.
Used patterns, will include completed stitchery.

Peter Cottontail- Taken
Snow Day- Taken
March Winds
Mr Boo
Make Merry  taken

Hopefully next post I will have some fabric bags to rehome...




  1. Wow, you have had a clear out.
    I think we do become realistic about what we need to keep and realise that we are not going to make most things a second time.
    I would love to work on some of the Kathy Schmitz designs - Snow Day and Peter Cottontail. I am very happy to pay postage but also happy to share something in return. Let me know if that works for you.
    And good luck with your destatsh!

  2. Oh my..... Please hold the Make Merry for me..... love that one. Of course I am happy to pay towards postage .... if it's not too much trouble hold and I will keep looking (because you know I love fabric) Are you just doing a big cleanout?...


  3. goodluck with your clean out.........

  4. Good luck with unloading some of your stash. I've often taken things to our club rooms to giveaway but sadly no one picks them up, Usually take to Op shop and they say travelers love them.

  5. I would love the Anni Downs pattern if still available. Are you in the US?

  6. I see you are in Australia. I’ll pass on the pattern... postage will be too much. Enjoy your day!!

  7. Good luck with the destashing, I see some have gone to new homes, I really do not need any more projects here!! 😁

  8. Cute, cute, cute!! Are you in the states?

  9. This is a great idea - I need to do the same. Hope your goodies find new homes.


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