Saturday, 13 July 2019

broken dishes

don't be alarmed, I haven't been destroying the crockery just getting distracted in my sewing room.
Initially I was distracted by Spring Bouqet..... I made a start on preparing the applique pieces for block 1, then I decided I should prepare the red strips for Mary Brown's borders but I got distracted by some half square triangles that were left overs from Sweet William baskets and some off cut triangles from other projects.

 they'll make two lovely little minis.

these triangles were some scraps kindly given by Lynda. I can finally say this is the last of them!!

 Block 1 ready to go.....

but first there are some clamshells and saw tooth borders that need working on.
Wonder how long I will hold out before starting lol

Happy days


  1. Hi Marina beautiful work,well done xx

  2. Love seeing what you are sewing. I have a grandchild with me this week and there has been no time for sewing. I'm looking forward to having a needle in my hand again.

  3. Love your broken dishes. They will be beautiful mini quilts. Hugs,xx

  4. lovely little mini's. I have a bundle of left over HST's.... I should do something like that too with them.....
    I'm not holding out that you will resist starting only after the clamshells and saw tooth borders!

  5. Sounded like you were doing a scene from... How to make an American quilt.......
    I'm liking the mini's

  6. Beautiful minis Marina...looking forward to seeing the clamshells 😂😂

  7. Sometimes the simplest can be the most effective! Love your little minis. xx

  8. Love the minis you made with the HSTs. Cute bears 🐻 too!
    Oh it's sew easy to get distracted but hope you get some work done on the clamshells and saw tooth border?

  9. Love your minis.....Ted's look very impressed. It's hard not to get distracted with so many lovelies. I am sewing enough Clams for both of us at the moment lol!

  10. Lovely goings on at your place. Love the new venture... Spring Bouquet. Enjoy your last few days of holidays.

  11. Your piecing is beautiful! Broken Dishes is such a great block. I hope you're enjoying your new start.

  12. The colors in your small Broken Dishes quilts are quite charming together.

    I like seeing the wood? circles in your blog picture that spell out the blog name. What are they from?


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