Saturday, 22 June 2019

life is good

I started writing this post over a week ago and after a frustrating afternoon trying to edit my photos as they were the wrong way around I gave up... they don't seem to go to google pics anymore and I couldn't edit them where they were. Seems like I have missed out on changes while I was not blogging.
I had a play with my Mary Brown blocks to see how the blocks went together. When I took this pic I only had four to I have one and a  half to go!
It will finish at this size and I am thinking of adding a thin coloured border to frame it  then a plain background border then I have a few ideas in mind for that border... a trailing vine, an outer geometric frame or sashes?
Decisions, decisions.... I have some time to work on that..

the most recent blocks I have made are...

Here's some furry love to share too for those that wanted a poppy update.
Poppy is going great guns, More front than Myers and a mouth like a snapping turtle (as Billy is discovering lol) with those sharp little puppy teeth! She can be quite the couch potato and gives great entertainment value.
I have some leave at the moment so hopefully I can start teaching her some proper manners and perfect her retrieving technique.

Poppy loves sleeping with/on Billy.

walkies! there is a halti in Poppy's future too...
Happy days!!



  1. Beautiful blocks! What a gorgeous quilt this is going to be! I have problems with my pictures too. Can't install the photo program I used on my new laptop.

  2. Oh, your blocks are so beautiful!

  3. Beautiful work Marina. It's definitely going to be gorgeous! Poppy is so cute. Enjoy your break xx

  4. This quilt is amazing. Looks beautiful

  5. Your beautiful blocks look fabulous together and your plan for the borders sound great.
    Poppy sounds just like our little dog....

  6. your quilt top is looking stunning.... I'm looking forward to seeing how you decide on the border.... Glad Poppy has settled in well in the family and enjoy your holidays!

  7. Mary Brown is looking gorgeous. Love the blocks. Gee i can't get over how much your Poppy looks like my daughter's Poppy. They could be twins. Hugs,xx

  8. Mary Brown is beautiful, your 9ur blocks are stunning Marina. Enjoy your time off work and time with the furry kids. Poppy is very cute.

  9. Mary Brown looking great. I get frustrated with photos etc and Blogger too, feel your pain. We must catch up... school hols, will text you.

  10. Mary is one gorgeous quilt! Poppy is a little sweetheart.


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