Friday, 18 December 2009

day one.....

day one of holidays all I can say is YAHOO!
I got all enthusiastic last night and got block 12 of tisket tasket and the latest summer nostalgia block ready to go. I got so into the basket block that I actually finished it off this morning. I finally got to make a 'blue' christmas item.

Now I can start on block 4 of Dorothy's summer nostalgia bom.
tomorrow is my craft group break up lunch. Here is what I made for my kris kindle.

I also made a pot holder and am throwing in a few tea towels. I also made a second one to give her but I love it so much I don't think I can part with it-thus the need for the tea towels.
Each apron is made from two fat quarters. As the fabric seemed a bit soft I lined the apron with some homespun. I couldn't find a pattern so just winged it. they should pass the test. I just wish they were a little more slimming! (I think it shows how much chocolate I have been eating this last week)
Does my butt look big in this?
Have a lovely weekend


Serenata said...

They look lovely Marina, and your quilt block is just perfect!

Glad you enjoyed Day One of your holidays.

Mistea said...

Holidays - the world should be full of them - continue to enjoy. Love the block and the aprons - I can see why you need to keep one for yourself, besides your partner can only wear one at a time. Enjoy stitching.