Tuesday, 14 July 2009

new craft swap

Last year I took part in Helen Stubbing's stitchers angel swap.
It was an absolute hoot and I enjoyed it immensely and made lovely email friends.
Well........The swap is on again and sign up is taking place now. The theme is 'Roses'
I have comitted again and hope it is as enjoyable as last year!

Have survived the first two days at work and it is great to see all the girls I work with after the two week break. They are great girls! It is great to see the kids too.
Today I had to sew up a senior school boy's trousers that got caught on a piece of metal that was sticking out. Not so much as a thank you mind you. I am glad I didn't waste any fancy stitches on him!
all good.....
cheers for now
ps.. one more sleep till Harry Potter!

1 comment:

Micki said...

Well, I am in, because of you....I think I will love it!
Thanks again!