Friday, 29 May 2009

been awhile

Well another week draws to an end-only four weeks till school holidays YIPPEE!!

What do you do when you have lost your crafting mojo? I have dragged out my three blocks of the month to start on the latest block and I just put them all away again without doing anything. Like shuffling the deckchairs on the Titanic!
The only thing I have kept up to date with and enthused about is the 'friends' swap. I only have d & n to go then it is off to Narelle.
these are the gift tage I made, I would love to show the items but can't until they are received!
I have already been thinking about the Christmas swap Khris is wanting to do.
I have so many things to get finished just need a few more hours or days in the week.
Yesterday I came home from work aching and feeling fluey (how do you spell that?). I have taken it easy today except for putting out washing as it has been a lovely sunny day with a slight breeze. I even washed three quilts that have been annoying me as they were a bit grotty. I suppose if I put them away they wouldn't get dirty but I wouldn't get to see them either.
Here are some delights I got in the past two weeks
Some felt squares from Hatched and Patched- I did have ideas for them but now they will have to wait. I just love the colours.

A new yo yo maker- the next size to the one I have. I love making them.
and here is photo of the fabric Els sent me from the Netherlands. She also cruelly sent a parcel that I am not to open till June 7. Doesn't she know I am terrible at keeping things secret or unable leave a treasure unopened. So far I haven't touched it-not even to squeeze it. Only a week to go!

cheers for now


the Koyle's said...

I love the colors of the felt! And the fabric from the Netherlands is great too! I haven't made yo-yo's yet, I'll have to give it a try.

Khris said...

Hey I love your FRIENDS tags...very cute..just thought I would drop over and say hi...hugs Khris