Saturday, 27 May 2023

This week

 this week has been a mixed bag of sewing.

two more Petite poche blocks finished and another friend in the zoo got completed.

I want to keep going on the embroidery as when I leave it for too long I seem to have to start again as far as skills go. Does anyone else feel like that? 

This weekend I will be spending time in the zoo to get some more progress happening on row three.  Last weekend I prepped the last two borders for the Basket case quilt, these will be the last borders and I am excited to finish as it will mean I can start something new!

there are two projects just waiting to be started....

I have had to control myself to resist starting but allowed myself the luxury of preparing backgrounds for the tilda design and have made templates for both.

Here are the completed blocks for this week.

The cooler weather has sparked the need for some comfort food. Today I made this Maltese bread pudding. I always think of my Mother in law when I make it. 
Honouring family recipes x

Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. Two lovely new projects for you to do…
    Two cute Zoo blocks and
    Two amazing embroidered flower blocks….
    And the pudding looks delicious too!
    Maria lifeontheblock

  2. The new projects look lovely. The zoo blocks are very cute. The bread pudding looks yummy.

  3. Love the hippo and rhino and of course those gorgeous flower blocks - really lovely in our flowers. That bread pudding looks so good - I did need to look it up to see what goes in it... yummo... I love the two next projects you are going to do....

  4. Your hippo is so cute, and your hand work is so pretty.

  5. Beautiful blocks Marina, love the animals. The pudding looks amazing. Your two new patterns are lovely too, your header photo is gorgeous.

  6. Lots of nice things happening - the bread pud looks delicious! Love the design of that Tilda pattern. xx

  7. The zoo blocks are great and I do love the embroideries. The two new projects look very tempting!
    Yes, when I have been away from a project for too long, it takes a while to get it right. I especially find that with crochet. It takes a while to get my tension right.

  8. I love the fabric on the hippo, it's as if bubbles are coming though the water. Would love to have a copy of the recipe for the bread pudding. It looks so yummy!



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