Friday, 16 July 2010

I'm on the top of the world.....looking down of some fabrics...

There is nothing like some satisfying retail therapy.
the Spotlight store I usually visit has had pretty slim pickings for quite awhile in regards to patchwork fabric. I used to always go to one that was close to the nursing home where my grandparents were but since they passed away I haven't been out that way. That all changed tonight! DH offered to drive me there,(must be sick)!
Theyhad a bumper, wonderful selection of patchwork fabrics and a lot of 1930's and civil war type fabrics. I don't know if they have just had a new delivery but whatever, I was in heaven. The clincher was that they were a great price. I managed to add to my stash of both of these types of fabrics and next week I will go back to get some more loveliness. (I am hoping to use these for my Sweet nostalgia borders and counting on having some leftover for some hexagon flowers)
 (these 1930 prints are just to add to a small stash I have-not sure what project they will go towards. when I have enough I will know.)

These 'holiday' finishes went to their new home this week too and were welcomed with much thanks and appreciation.
thanks for the lovely comments about my Tuesday treasure, it brought a lot of retired 'brownies' out of the woodwoork. Memories bring out precious little flashbacks and it was great to share them with you all.

The new Sweet Nostalgia block is out and it has a lovely seaside theme to it, I only have the leaves on the trees to finish on last month's block so that counts as close to a finish, doesn't it? Tomorrow I am off to get some more of the homespun for the last two stitchery blocks and I am just hoping that I can match it at the store I brought it from. I will have to have my fabric blinkers on though as they also specialise in 1930's fabrics and civil war fabrics.
Focus-cream homespun, cream homespun, cream homespun..........
Have a great weekend!


Mistea said...

Good luck with those blinkers - not sure I could just buy cream homespun when there were lots of lovelies to be petted.

Good score from Spotlight haven't been near one for a while last time I went the stock was so depleted I didn't make a purchase.

Enjoy your weekend.

Yvette said...

OOOOOH! I love all the new fabric you purchased.

Margot said...

These fabrics are gorgeous. Your Swett Nostalgia is super, my not yet started.

Elyte said...

Good luck with the "focus". I make a prediction that you will pick up a "little extra".

Dorothy said...

Love your new fabric purchases, Marina. I'm partial to the 30's reproductions, and have already made 3 quilts with them.

Micki said...

The new fabric is just beautiful! I am sure that you will enjoy using it all!

Wilma said...

What a lovely fabrics! they are also my favorit. Have good quilt-time with it.

greetings from Wilma (Holland)