Thursday, 17 December 2009

today's the day!

Well I have made it to the end of the year. Today is my last day for four weeks! I can't wait to come home tonight and crash and know I don't have to go to work tomorrow.
I have had a pretty nice lead up.
On Monday one of my favourite year 12's came in to school to visit me and she brought me a gift of a lovely pair of earrings. I was a bit gobsmacked. She is such a lovely girl and little did she know she had already given me a great gift some months ago. I was having a pretty crappy time at work and I was shopping on my day off. She walked past me and waved a big hello but then she doubled back to come into the shop to say hello and gave me a big hug. That small act of kindness meant so much to me, made me feel appreciated. I will definitely miss her.
Next great thing for the week is that I won the patterns for Helen Stubbing's Life is Beautiful bom. I had been hoping that I would win as I so want to make this quilt. I haven't been entering many competitions on blogs for a while as I don't seem to have much luck, but I had to enter Helen's.
I was so excited I nearly screamed. I don't think they would have understood at work! They think I am crazy enough as it is.
They say things come in threes so I am just hanging out for the third.
On of the girls at work gave me a new roll of sticky tape that fits my dispenser but I don't think I would like to count that as My third special gift (lol)
Hopefully the third thing will be my Christmas swap gift.
Saturday is Craft group break up and I have been busy sewing aprons for my Kris Kringle gift.
I am so happy with them I want to keep one for myself. I may just add something small and keep one! Will post pics when they are finished.
Roll on the end of the day!

(this is a pic a friend sent out for Christmas one year of her cat, looking less than impressed about Christmas. I think it reflects a little of my Scrooge look. That will change as it gets closer to the day. I just love her expression.)


Kymberly said...

Wow! It does sound like you are having a fabulous week. Enjoy your holiday and congrads on the win.

the Koyle's said...

Hey, congrats on winning the quilt pattern! I hope your third gift is awesome. Merry Christmas a bit early!

Mistea said...

Enjoy your break and your new pattern - perfect timing you will have plenty of time to drool and maybe even make a start.

Narelle said...

Woohoo for the holidays!
Congrats on your win and I wouldn't want to count the sticky tape either, but I know what it's like to find a roll that actually fits, lol.
The look on the cat's face is priceless!
Christmas Wishes