Friday, 15 May 2009

More blue....

Not much crafting happening here have hit a bit of a slump and lack of spare time hasn't helped either. Must crack the whip this weekend.

Yesterday I received a lovely parcel from Els in the Netherlands which contained blue and white dutch fabrics. They are just beautiful and I can't wait to use them but I want to be sure of how I use them so as not to waste them. I sent Els some aboriginal fabrics that she has put aside for a quilt.
I am unable to post a pic as someone disconnected the 'plug' for the camera and being a bit challenged technically and not having a teenager to help me at the moment I can't do it!
Sunday is our big curly club fun day and I am hoping for good weather. It isn't too promising but good old Melbourne weather usually changes quickly anyway so it is a 50/50 chance of good weather.
We are going to a 'dog resort' which is a posh way of describing the place where we are going. They also run a boarding kennel but have an outdoor pool, agility equipment and off lead areas so it will be a safe fun environment for the curlies!
Looking forward to catching up with 'curly friends' of the two and four legged variety.
Have a lovely weekend!

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