Tuesday, 8 October 2013

been keeping busy....

Life around here has been taking up a lot of my time.  My blog has been a bit neglected and there has been limited blog visiting.
There has been some crafting happening which is good. So.... instead of lots of little updates you will get them all in one hooly, dooly, picture show.
Are you ready?
 Here is an update on my Swan Lake..... since the photo I have progressed further to include the hexies on the fourth border, half of which have been sewn down. I have also sewn the appliqued hearts on the three completed borders which go in between the bottom row of hexies and the dollies.
Sooooo Happy with the progress on this baby. I just had to put the top 'together' to encourage me and yep it worked.  My goal is to have the top together by the end of the year.
Definitely achievable!

Next finish was my sister in law's quilt. The top got done on Grand Final Day and it has gone to the quilters to be completed.  The pattern had another border but when she saw it she loved it as it was so who am I to argue? It's done.

The progress on these two has allowed me to start something new! I bought this stamp from Janneake, who started the building houses from scraps craze. She has  produced a stamp and I thought the process would make it easier for me to have a go. If you want to see some amazing quilts made from scrappy houses just click here. They are so inspiring.
Another bloggy friend has also made a scrappy houses quilt you can pop over to Maria's blog to have a look at it in this post. (Maria's wonderful novelty hexies inspired me to start my own novelty flower garden.)

 I have really been wanting to make at least some houses. Worst case scenario I would make some pincushions but I am enthused enough to make a mini hanging. Mind you I don't think there will be a big quilt of these happening! They are about 3 1/2 inches and so nifty to stitch.
Here are my little houses so far...

I have also finished off the cross stitching for a needlecase. The pattern was a birthday gift from my friend Els in the Netherlands. It is in a lovely blue and taupe colour thread. The photo doesn't quite do the colours justice but they are lovely. Next step to get the needlecase together!

So that's it for the crafting I have been occupying my spare time with.
I did have a lovely visit to NOTYQ show on Saturday and caught up briefly with Mel and Christine who were busy as bees doing their quilt show duties. I got to have a cuppa with Liz and Rosalie and some other lovely friends of Liz. Also got to meet Karen from Mrs Martin's quilt shop, so lovely to meet at last.
After the show I scooted to Bluegum quilters to catch up with Elyte and Robin and the other lovely ladies there. Phew did I sleep well that night.
Elyte, Robyn and Annie visited during last week to have a crafty catch up. Not a stitch was sewn but we shared lunch and lots of laughs. No pics either, what terrible bloggers. When the girls left my no 3 son said 'boy did you guys laugh enough?'
my reply is there is never enough laughing! It's cheaper than therapy and medications...

Happy stitching!



shez said...

good to here from you my friend and i love all your gorgeous work you sure have been busy,well done.xx

Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

Love the cross stitch colours.
Swan Lake is looking so magnificent.
Your son's comment made me laugh, my daughter does that to me too.
Have fun finishing your projects.

Happy days.

Farm Gate Creations said...

Oh wow! that was a very impressive update, I love all the work that you have been doing.

Mistea said...

You sure know how to keep busy.
Love the dollies, they look very pretty all lined up with their other bits. Coming along nicely.
Gorgeous cross stitches that will make a lovely needle case.
I got to say hello to some of those people too. Lovely show those ladies put on.
Enjoy the laughter.

Teresa said...

Oh Wow!!!! I am just drooling on the keyboard with all these gorgeous quilts and blocks. Your Swan Lake is simply stunning as is your Sister in laws quilt. You really are amazing! Love the cross stitching. That is going to be the most beautiful needlecase. You know how much I love your cross stitching!!! And... I have totally fallen in love with those little house blocks. I am going to have to try these! Just lovely work as always Marina xx

Yvette said...

You have been busy! Swan lake is going to be an heirloom. Just gorgeous! Love those little houses too.

Sue said...

you have been busy, lots of lovely work! I like the scrappy houses, do you have the info for the house stamp please?

Raewyn said...

Hi Marina, lovely to see all your stitching and progress on your projects. Your sil's quilt is lovely - is that a hexie-border on it, or a print? Also SwanLake is looking great. Your little houses are cute...the stamp looks like a good idea. I started doing mine the same time as Maria (although mine were 4 1/2") but my builder has gone on strike; must pull them out again. The x-stitch for the needle case is lovely, the variegated thread is a nice touch - it must be quite fine as a needle case is quite little and the photo makes it look huge!!

Lin said...

Swan Lake is looking really gorgeous and your SIL quilt looks great too. Your cross stitch is as always wonderful! You can never have too much laughter. xx

Christine M said...

You have been busy Marina. Your Swan Lake quilt is looking wonderful. It was lovely catching up with you at the quilt show.

Cheryll said...

I'm exhausted just reading what you got up to! And I agree NEVER too much laughing with friends! Nice work along the way too! :)

Fiona said...

maybe you haven't managed to blog lots but so much going on... Swan Lake is just amazing.. no wonder you are loving doing it... and I do like how your SIL's one turned out...
I have been planning little houses for ages and so am intrigued how those stamps work? the one I had seen was foundation piecing.
So great you have got soem social stuff done too.. isn't it amazing how much stitchers laugh! As you say cheaper and more effective than therapy!

Fiona said...

it's ok... I have now followed the link to see how the stamps work!!! haha

Wendy said...

Your swan lake is looking so pretty...I have been on the fence about making this one...it is so pretty though...I may just have to break down and buy the pattern and make one for myself.

Briar Rose said...

Beautiful stitching Marina.
It was great to see you at N.O.T.Y.Q's Show.
I definitely agree with you, laughter is the best medicine.
Hugs R.

Karen said...

Fantastic progress on your Swan Lake quilt. It is looking wonderful.
And a great finish on your SIL's quilt, too.
Good luck with the houses. Lots of work but a lovely end result.
Love the stitching in the needle case cross stitch.
You have been busy!

Elyte said...

Well done with Swan Lake. I am sure that you will achieve your goal. Glad to hear that your SIL's quilt is at the quilters. So that one is very close to a finish.
Your real estate portfolio is growing very nicely, great idea that stamp!
Thank you for a lovely afternoon of good food and laughter. Any more eggs?

Elyte said...

Well done with Swan Lake. I am sure that you will achieve your goal. Glad to hear that your SIL's quilt is at the quilters. So that one is very close to a finish.
Your real estate portfolio is growing very nicely, great idea that stamp!
Thank you for a lovely afternoon of good food and laughter. Any more eggs?

Els koetsier said...

Waauw what a lovely quilts you will make Marina.
The stamps for the scraphouses are gorgeous, and easy to buid yore houses.

Waauw youre crosstitching , wel done Marina.

Cheers Els

Jacky Patterson said...

I do not think that you actually sleep! With all you have been doing over the school holidays and then to stitch these lovely items, wow.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Wow, you have done so well on your amazing projects, they all look lovely! Your swan lake is looking beautiful.

kiwikid said...

Swan Lake quilt looks amazing Marina!
Great work to with your SIL's quilt.
The cross stitch is beautiful too...you have been busy!
And there can never be too much laughing....you are right - it is the best therapy ever!!

Narelle said...

I am impressed!
Gorgeous quilts and those houses are so cute and tiny.
Sounds like a great catch up with friends...catch ups should happen often for our wellbeing :o)

Sue-Anne said...

Swan Lake is looking gorgeous! Sounds like you have been very busy, I love your cross stitch and very impressed with the stamp, must save heaps of time in prepping.

Tatkis said...

Lovely quilt processes and just so sweet cross stitching!


Nicky said...

Great progress there Marina! Only three quilts on the go then??

I have bought that stamp too but haven't used it yet! Maybe I should...no must finish a few things before I start something else!