Sunday, 7 April 2013

a reward and an old project

There are a few projects that every now and then resurface demanding some attention that will see them get a little closer to the finish line.
Quite some time ago I made some little dolls of the world stitchery and just never got around to stitching them into a top. They are such pretty designs and I did some in redwork and some others in coloured threads. I needed one more in redwork to be able to have enough for a little project so when I was thinking of something to work on with other crafting friends Friday night I thought this would be a nice quick stitchery to fill in time waiting for my next Kathy Schmitz block. 
 She is well on the way to being done then she can join the others and I will need to work out how to put them together.
I also allowed myself to start my reward project. I made a start by cutting out the woolly bits, hoping I would remember the instructions given by the quilted crow girls. The pattern is from their new book.

 had to share this card that I brought for no 1 son's birthday this week.
He is a mad lego fan. He loved the card, I thought it was a cute one too.

hope you are having a great weekend!



Elyte said...

Nice to see cute little projects resurface from time to time.
The colours in the scarf are gorgeous and will look great against a grey and dreary winter.
Don't you love it when you find a card that fits the person perfectly, doesn't always happen.

Sisbabestitches said...

Oh fabulous card, just love Lego, we all got some from Mum at Christmas last year, er yes the youngest is mid-30's LOL. Gorgeous reward project. And your doll is so cute :)

Mistea said...

Pretty girl all in red. Lovely woolly project and more red.
Have you noticed how Lego boys never grow up? Cute card.
Enjoy your reward.

katherine said...

They will make a cute collection of stitcheries. Like the look of the scarf too.

Fiona said...

the little doll stitchery is so sweet... I don't recall the others (but then my brain is a bit mushy)... love the scarf - it is just in time for the cooler weather.... and the phone brick joke goes well... my kids have just recently persuaded me to change my brick for a phone!!!

Cheryll said...

Such a pretty girl to bring to FnwF too! She will be fantastic with all her friends! :)

Maria said...

Cute little Redwork Doll and your new project does look interesting..
My GS would also love that Lego card.

Melody said...

Love your stitching projects

Kathy said...

A bit of a red theme going on today :) Do like the look of the Quilted Crow design. So funny the lego phone - that's about how big they looked when they first came out!

Anita said...

Hi Marina,
That certainly is a cute stitchery you have on the go there. I bet you can't wait for the next one! lol.
Cheers, Anita.

Susan said...

She is a very pretty girl, and the scarf will be lovely when finished. My boys would like that card too.

Bev C said...

Hello Marina,

Love the reward project, working with wool must be lovely. Happy Birthday to your son, did he get any Leggo???

Have fun stitching up the little girl. Looking forward to seeing them altogether.

Happy days.

Janet said...

The scarf is gorgeous! The little stitched girl is sweet as well. I look forward to seeing her mixed in with her kinfolk.

Lib said...

The scarf project from the Quilted Crow girls looks fantastic and I love the stitchery too. Ha ha the card is a crack-up, love it.

Raewyn said...

I love your redwork stitchery Marina - and look forward to seeing the rest of them! Great idea to have a reward project - very motivating to get something finished!! The card gave me a giggle!

Lynda said...

I've bought this card for my son as well - he's still a Lego nut.