Thursday, 31 January 2013


Full on back at work this week so there has been little sewing, just a few stitches here and there. Musn't lose site of the deadlines for some projects.
One good thing about this week is that I have had some squishy parcels arrive in the mail. My order from Erica's arrived. Some beautiful Double Chocolat by 3 sisters. Perfect for finishing my Park Avenue Hexies..
I just need to make the two end borders with some applique designs from my Quilted Crow book. This project will be for the next holidays, I hope.
Two yards should be more than enough with some to spare for using with the extra leftover flowers - that is on the long term project list.
 when I saw this fabric I just had to have some. The hexies are quite large but so beautiful! Not sure what to use it for but one day I will work out what to do with it.
 The next squishie was some lovely fabrics sent to me by Liz (village quilters), some new flowers for my novelty garden.....
They are cut out and ready to go..
I also cut this set from some fabric that Tracey (Mistea) sent me at Christmas time and it has patiently waiting to be cut.
the last squishy was from Rosalie (Briar Rose).
Some ready made flowers in the most amazing fabrics! Wow they are gorgeous.
 thankyou so much Rosalie!

thanks to all of you girls for adding to my flower stash.
 As tomorrow is the first of February it may be time to make a list for what I would like to achieve for Feb,

  • finish the top for Down in the Dresden Garden
  • finish hexie bag
  • make a christmas item or gift for the christmas gift box
I think that may be more than enough for February especially as it's a short month.

Hopefully there will be some crafting time this weekend. 
Happy days.


Oddbjørg said...

Wow, the brown fabric you'll use in your hexie quilt is lovely!
Many great hexies for other projects too!

Mistea said...

Nice squishies - how sweet of Rosalie to make the flowers for you.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Shirley said...

Nice post Marina, it has left me with a lovely contented sigh. Hexie joy. Love the brown fabric it really compliments those rosettes and I adore the russian doll hexies. I am going to have to pop into Dotty Dolly's now as they have just had some of that fabric in. May have to follow your example and start a list for February. Where has January gone?

Susan said...

Nice parcels to come home to. Your hexies look so good......isn't the babushka one cute.

Karen said...

Lots of lovely fabrics. They look gorgeous in the hexies.

Grit said...

Marina, you do so fantastic work. I love your hexagons so much.
Greetings from Germany, Grit

Christine M said...

More lovely hexagons. That brown fabric is just lovely.

Fiona said...

lovely squishies must have helped you feel better after having to get back to work!!! love that chocolate fabric... almost want to eat it!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow gorgeous hexies...lovely mail. I adore that chocolate fabric so beautiful. I love that range.

Narelle said...

Look at all those happy hexies ... enjoy :)

katherine said...

Great stitching and I love those ornaments on your last post too. Its such a shame when things like work get in the road of other more enjoyable pursuits lol.

Lib said...

Love those last hexies, very nice material. Good list for February, should follow your good example lol.

Elyte said...

You are getting a very varied collection of hexagon flowers and each will have its own little story. Just when I think that I have seen the cutest one, an even cuter one comes along!
That Double Chocolat looks delicious.

Els koetsier said...

waauw youre brown hexa fabricis lovely to use for it.

And the fabrics for youre other hexa's mmmmmmmmmmm beuatifull.

Carrie P. said...

oh, that brown fabric is gorgeous. your hexies look so pretty next to it. those hexies you showed in the last photos are just so cute.

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your hexie quilt is looking beautiful. The hexie flowers you received are all so pretty.

Tatkis said...

More lovely hexies!
Can't wait to see your quilt finished!