Monday, 25 April 2011

a little bit of crafting

There have been a few things blocking my craftiness lately and yesterday I mastered them and now can hopefully get a bit of enthusiasm happening, especially seeing as I have a bit too much fabric recently acquired that needs to be used!
Firstly I needed to get a wriggle on and finish another block for my boys story quilt. I had finished enough stiticheries to get three blocks done but I hate cutting lots of fabrics and sewing them together (not very good feelings for a patchworker) but I had to at least do one. Three was too daunting so I am happy with one success.
My next 'burden' project was my bom from Helen Stubings. I was very enthusiastic about this project and had great plans for how I would do it but the first block didn't work out the way I had pictured it in my mind and I was very disheartened. The three blocks had accumulated and I thought I would get enthusiastic about the stitchery block but that one wouldn't come out right either. So I scrapped the stitchery and started over with it and only used one thread to stitch and it is much better. The font is a little too wonky for my liking but that's life. When I did the pieced blocks I even mucked them up by cutting the squares as 4 1/2 instead of 4 1/4. Seems I am not meant to do this bom first go at all.
I did the hexies while we were away so I thought it best to fire up and have a go at least. I even contemplated cancelling my bom but it would mean I had wasted the first three months. I am also too stubborn to give up.
I am reasonably happy with the result so far and at least I have gotten past it and can keep going with it.

I don't think I will get a Christmas item made this month but hopefully next month will be back on track!

Today is ANZAC day in Australia and there is much to remember and contemplate with soldiers currently serving in conflicts around the world as well as remembering those that have given their life to serve their country.
Lest we forget.



Narelle said...

I'm glad you hung in there with the BOM, this block is looking good.
Think I can see a Boy's Story in my future too :)

Yvette said...

Your blocks turned out great!

elliek said...

Don't give up on your BOM it's beautiful. Know the feeling of things going wrong. I'm doing " Just Plain Nuts' and I did one block fine, decided to do it again in different colours. It nearly ended in the bin, so I left it and then came back to it the next day, tackled it another way and it fit! So never give up. Love the boys quilt too

Nicky said...

Your story quilt is the most novel thing I've seen in blogland so you have great ideas and technique. Keep going!

Val said...

Sorry to see you have a block block. It is awful when you have to redo things. The boys story quilt looks great.

els koetsier said...

You Boy's story quilt will be wunderfull. I'm curious a bout how the whole quilt is.
The other blocks wubderfull.

Cheersfrom Els where it is for the time of the year very warm in the netherlands

Bev said...

I can't wait to see the finished "boys quilt" Marina. It looks like such a fun quilt. I know you're not a quitter, so I'm glad you worked through the bom. Your work is so lovely and you'll be happy when it's all together.

Mistea said...

Loving that boy's story block - but I think I have loved all the ones you have completed so far.
Your new block is looking beautiful - some blocks are just a bit like that - they really can be quite complicated.
Hope there is some time for cutting and sewing before it is back to work!

Elyte said...

Sounds like your mojo has not fully returned, sensing a bit of negativity here. I really know how you feel when you talk about the lack of enthusiasm and thinks not working out as planned. Those projects are sooo hard to work through. But proceed we must!
Loved your photos of NZ in your last post. Looks like the weather was good and you saw some spectacular sights.

Karen said...

I am not familiar with this BOM. I so like the embroidered words on your flower block.

I have a BOM in my closet that discouraged me from the word go. I am thinking I will make something else with some of the blocks rather than scrap the whole thing.

Melody said...

Your work is always so beautiful and i love seeing it. I'm having a bit of a block block myself at the moment but hopefully I'll get over it too.