Friday, 4 March 2011

a lovely friday

There is nothing like a Friday off after not having one for awhile!
With the drudgery and the hunting and gathering out of the way it is 'me' time.
I shot down to Patchwork Unlimited to pick up a new roll of Floriani stitch and wash fusible that I need for my next batch of hexies. I had run out a few weeks ago and they had to order it in.
Today I thought would be a good day to wash a few throw quilts that have been over the couches and getting decidedly grotty. They look so lovely drying on the line.  I love how green all the lawn still is after the summer. Usually we have a dust bowl for a back yard at this time of year.
I have also used some of the lovely wools that Fiona brought down for me when we met in Melbourne.
Here is a sneak peak as it eventually will be a Christmas item. The pattern is one that Carrie sent me as a giveaway on her blog around Christmas time

Speaking of Fiona...
Here is a pic she sent me of the two of us from our meet up....
Neither of us usually show pics of ourselves on our blogs so we strategically placed the lovely pumpkin bag that she made for me just in front of our faces.. My hubby took the pic for us and I am sure he thought we were loopy, it must be a little reassuring to him to know that there are other 'loopies' like me.
I have not been very motivated to make much more than hexies at the moment. I have prepared my March swap hexie and have been busy making more flowers from the Park Avenue odd bits. Can't waste any of that loveliness at all! On the hexie site we are currently voting as to whether to send more than one hexie to our swap partners. Some would prefer more some only the one per month. I have made two in case the voting goes to send two per month.  I don't mind either way, though I would like to add to my top quickly.

My felted wool base is making it's way to Sue in Western Australia... Can't wait till the first round arrives from Jaqueline in the States to work on it.
Have a great weekend!!


The Patch Craft said...

Love your quilts on the line. It' raining again here so no putting any on the line for me.

What is the name of the first quilt hanging on the line. Is it a pinwheel quilt

Mistea said...

Love the quilts hanging out there - you obviously have a different weather pattern over your side. It is decidely dark and I even got rained on when I walked earlier. I'm thinking the snow man would be at home here today.

Pretty flowers you are making.

BubzRugz said...

There is something about quilts on a line that takes my breath away...
silly gals hiding behind pumpkin bag!!
and I love your wool craft...

Narelle said...

Those quilts do look lovely against a lush green background.
Nice peak at Mr Snowman ... he would have melted toot sweet here today.
Enjoy your Friday evening as well.

carine said...

Those quilt are so beautiful, Marina what a lovely job you've done!Congratulations...Mister Snowman is also beautiful,Have a very nice weekend and I'm looking foward to see other works from you. Greetings from Bruges Carine

els koetsier said...

What a lovely quilts you made Marina. The colours beautifull. The sneake of the snowman like's that it would be a wunderfull quilt. The fabrics of your hexies are sweet.

Cheers Els

Elyte said...

Those quilts sure make the washing line look good.
Your photo in the arcade looks like two female "Wilsons" from the Home Improvement sit com. You never see his face.

Carrie P. said...

OH, your quilts look perfect hanging on the line against all the pretty green of the grass and trees.
I like the little wool design so far.
Great fabrics for your flowers too.

Bec said...

Love the quilts haning on the line.
It's so nice to meet up with online friends, you and fiona look like you are having a great time!
Beautiful hexagons.... fresh lovely colours! Bec xxx