Sunday, 20 March 2011

a bit of this and that....

This week I have been working on my boys'story quilts stitcheries. You know when something doesn't seem to inspire then you get swept up in enthusiasm for a project again.
These are the latest additions...
I love the details in the simple drawings and enjoyed stitching them. Now I should be right to finish another two blocks! Where can I find some extra time?

Yesterday while at mum's 'dad sitting' I gave mum a hand to pick some of her abundant crop of tomatoes. Nothing beats home grown tomatoes and when we had a big batch of our own we made a yummy tomato pickle . We picked a huge wash basket full and Mum gave us a few kilos of her tomatoes so we got busy chopping and cooking and another batch of pickle is nearly ready to put into jars. There were some huge ones, a few tipped the scales at around 500g.
this one is a handful. They are from an old stock of seeds that my grandfather would keep going year to year. A lovely old fashioned meaty type of tomato.

here are some more little stars that I have made this week....
If I can make a few each week they will accumulate nicely.
Well I will need to focus on getting a Christmas item done this week in time for the 25th!
Hope your weekend has been spent doing what you like to do!


Elyte said...

Sorry no spare time over here, just making do with what I have!
You are making good progress on the Boy's Story. Those little cartoons are fun.
Your tomatoes look fabulous and you are right, there is no substitute for the home grown variety.
Your stars are looking good and they will multiply quite quickly.

BubzRugz said...

That quilt is just the best and the latest stitcheries such fun... I giggle each time ... really clever.... so yum tomatoes - I had some of those once and they are so delicious - I don't remember the name ... can you share some seeds????

dutch sisters said...

Nothing can beat homegrown indeed, that's a BIG tomato! I love the stitcheries. Hope you can find the extra time to finish them!

els koetsier said...

hello marina.

Your stitchery's of The Boy's story quilt are lovely. The tomatos what are they big and I think you can made lovely things about it.

Cheers els

Melody said...

As always your stitching is exquisite and just so perfect. And I do agree, no store bought tomato can compare with home grown ones. What a fabulous harvest.

Yvette said...

Those stitcheries are so adorable! That is going to make a fantastic boy quilt.

I love those star blocks!! What yummy fabric.

Micki said...

Your blocks are stitched so pretty! It is going to be lovely!

Bev said...

Your stitchery blocks are just too cute! What are tomato pickles? It looks really yummy, too. You have much more patience than I do for all of those little diamonds. Hexies are enough for me.

Carrie P. said...

YOur little stitcheries are so cute. I just love those stars too.
Nothing like home grown tomatoes. I can't wait for summer here so we can get some.