Friday, 17 December 2010

catching up

Well the last week has been a hectic one work wise, counting down to the end of the working year! But I have made it so three cheers!
Thought I would post a catch up of the weeks events.
I have finished some little gifts, one I can show, one will be a surprise so it will remain hidden for now.
We have our craft group break up this Saturday so I had to quickly finish that gift.
Here she is, a little babushka door hanger...

I sent off a hexie for my 'inch hexie swap' partner.
......then this loveliness arrived in the mail from Lorraine. I will now be working on the fourth step in the Stitching round the block for Carol. She included some lovely fabrics with her original stitchery and I have had lots of fun selecting which ones to use for the hexie flowers in the fourth border.
They are small and quite fiddly but fun to make. You can see how small they are compared to the needle I am using to tack them down.

I have been anxiously waiting to hear from my Christmas swap partner in Judit's swap, in Hungary. I sent my parcel on the 20th of November but it still hasn't arrived. I will be so disappointed if it goes missing. I am going to start preparing another parcel just in case I don't hear from her in the next week. Gotta hate goodies getting lost in the mail!

How cute is this book, Maisie is immortalised in print too! Ironically the little boy in the story is named Andrew the same name as no 2 son. Storybook Andrew learns about being caring and being gentle towards his pets but not before Maisie gets squeezed and tormented. Pamela Allen writes some gorgeous children's stories and we have a few of them from when the boys were little.
One last pic...
Quoting the lyrics of a John Denver song..
'Where would life be without home grown tomatoes,
There's only two things money can't buy
And that's true love and home grown tomatoes....'

Looks like we may have tomatoes for Christmas!!
Have a lovely weekend!


Helena said...

Gorgeous things! I am so glad to have found your blog! I have had a sad time and so I've been sitting here with some tea, blog hopping, and hoping to find some new crafty blogs :) I have enjoyed reading yours!

The Patch Craft said...

I am working my way thriugh the little hexis too. Love the door hanger, know a few that would love that. Dont stress too much abou getting it done.

Narelle said...

WOOHOO and THREE CHEERS ... we made it to the holidays!!!

The babushka door hanger is sweet and you have a lot of fiddly work ahead of you with those hexies.

Enjoy your holidays and wishing you a beautiful Christmas.

BubzRugz said...

mmmm.... i love home grown tomatoes... they taste way better... and babushka is very cute.... I know the stitching will be fantastic...

Yvette said...

I love that door hanger!

Serenata said...

Beautiful stitching Marina, and well done on getting on with those little hexies. I still haven't received the final block, so I hope it won't be long now so I can get on with it.

Yummy home grown tomatoes - just perfect for Christmas! Enjoy your holidays.

Mistea said...

Hope the sun shines on your tomatoes.

Glad you made it to the end of the work year.

Very pretty Babushka - whose design is that?

Enjoy the holidays.

Christine said...

The inch hexagon swap arrived today...thanks Marina it's lovely...exactly what I had in mind for the colours!

els Koetsier said...

hello marina.

What a lovely stitchery you made for a door hanger.

I read you comments of the parcel I send you. The fabrics I've send you, If you wants more let me know because I've a lot of fabrics in these colours and prints.

Cheers Els