Saturday, 25 September 2010

Grand Final Day!

Week one has passed as was pointed out by some of my bloggy friends, thanks for that girls! I prefer not to think about it. I want them to last for at least another two weeks! Talk about greedy.
Here are some catch ups on what I have been up to the last few days.

 Two stitcheries for the boys story quilt. The wizard one just need the cartoon border done. They are so cute and quick to do.

I'd love a poster of this little girl for my boys so when they are going to do something they shouldn't she can be a reminder to them.
My disappearing nine patch is coming along but I have a slight dilemma. I was googling images of this pattern and found another version of arranging the blocks to the one which I had in mind. I quite like this one too. I will have to ponder that for a little while. I don't want to regret the design as it is such special fabric to me.
 Here are the two combinations.

This week I also visited a favourite patchwork shop to buy some more fabric for my Sweet Nostalgia quilt and they also stock Civil war fabrics. I have a basic selection of these but wanted something in a purple. Apparently there aren't many purple civil war fabrics but I found these two that were just beautiful to add to my rainbow.

They will all have to sit around and wait for a project to pop into my head for their use.
I hope to work on my Sweet Nostalgia quilt top this afternoon. 
Hope you have a great weekend!
Go the pies!


Yvette said...

Geez, there are so many ways to arrange them. I can't decide which I like better.

Those embroidery blocks are adorable.

Mistea said...

Your boys story stitching is gorgeous - they sure are cute designs.

No help with the blue one - both ways look gorgeous - guess the fabric makes it one beautiful quilt either way.

Enjoy your stitchy afternoon.

I started to sew my apple cores together yesterday before work. I am thinking an afternoon at the sewing machine is in order.

teresa said...

I love your little stitcheries for the boys story quilt.. they are just so cute. Loving your blue and white fabrics too. Can't wait to see this put together. What is it about blue and white? It always gets me in too!

Elyte said...

I am not sure which disappearing 9 patch I prefer. I think the first option because the background fabric fully frames the individual blue blocks and they are shown to full effect. Maybe, not sure though. Those stitcheries are cute and that little girl definitely gets the message across.

Micki said...

There are a lot of variations, aren't there? I do love the fabric too!

els Koetsier said...

Hi marina.

I saw your blocks, it is al lovely nine patch block, you can use them a lot fore different pattern.

I used them a lot for Quilts goodcharity here in Holland.

greats from Els

Lisa said...

Love your creations. The stitchery is GREAT! Looking forward to seeing the quilt made up.... Lisa

Melody said...

You have been very busy. I love seeing what you have been sewing so thanks for sharing.