Tuesday, 21 September 2010

colours swap arrived

Had an email from Judit this morning saying that my parcel had arrived. Talk about stressful, I stress heaps till that parcel arrives at it's destination.The post didn't disappoint though and it arrived safe and sound. Now I can show the goodies I made.

c for crochet scarf, o for oriental fabric, l for lovely lace, o for owl pincushion, u for chocolate from down under, r for rotary cutter holder, s for sewing bag. I also popped in an ABC of Australian animals for Judit's daughter Reka.
Thanks to Lisa of Lydia's treasures for organising the swap.

I must thank the Australian Football league for motivating me to do some craft. Because of the Brownlow medal count last night (possibly the most boring event in the world except for the Jim Stynes' tribute) I managed to sew all the borders on my Sweet nostalgia block because to sit and listen to someone reading out votes game by game is just too much for a koala to bear!
Last Saturday night's game also was a great motivator in between worrying about whether we needed an ambulance because DH got so excited as his team was winning that I thought he would pop a blood vessel for sure! This Saturday is the Grand Final so another great opportunity to get even more sewing done.

Have a great day!


Elyte said...

Judit must be one very happy little vegemite. Those gifts are beautifully made and very thoughtful.
We all survived the finals but young magpie supporter son is desperately looking for a ticket. Personally I would spend the money on fabric!

Lisa said...

Gorgeous!!! You did a fantastic job... I just LOVE that bag Marina! and the owl and the scarf..well everything..!! LOL Lisa

Melody said...

I just love what you sent. The owl pincushion is especially beautiful.

Serenata said...

Oh what a gorgeous and well thought out swap. The bag is stunning and the owl is cute. Lucky Judit, she must be thrilled.

Petit Ange said...

Your gifts are so so wonderful! Judit is so lucky! :)
Have a nice day!!!

Judith said...

what a clever lady you are :) I do so love the bag and the owl. Thank you for visiting me, Judith