Thursday, 5 August 2010

Boys story blocks

Here are some boys story blocks that I have managed to do this week. I can't wait for the new Sweet Nostalgia block to appear on the 15th.
I have one more appliqued boy's block to finish then I can start on the stitcheries that go with it. I wasn't going to do the stitcheries but what's the hurry. I will do the whole quilt and not cut corners.

My poor photography skills have made the fishy block look like it has a yellow background but it is seeded homespun like the pic on the left.
Have been busy stitching up hexagon flowers too this week- I have nearly completed a whole row!
Boy it is growing slowly but that is ok too. Will post a pic after the weekend.
It is my turn to host craft group this Saturday so lots of chatting and cups of tea will be the order of the day. In the afternoon I am off to see No 3 son's high school production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I love this musical and am looking forward to seeing the talented kids that are performing.
Roll on the weekend..


Mistea said...

Hey, those are cute blocks.

I love that musical too, and it is so good to see the young people doing this type of show.


Serenata said...

Oh they are sweet.

I loved the dinner set you posted about yesterday...very pretty. What a clever Mum!

Pepe said...

Wonderfull! I love fish, Anni Downs and in particular this book! Bravo!

P.S. Thankyou for tour congratulations! :-)

Elyte said...

Those blocks look like fun to make. Enjoy your weekend of sewing and entertainment.

Carrie P. said...

Such cute blocks. I have not ever seen this pattern before. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog about my charm quilt.

patchworkwilma said...

What a lovely blocks, I think it will be a wonderful quilt, Marina!

greets from Wilma.