Tuesday, 20 July 2010

tuesday treasures..

I had been searching through some old photos during the week and thought that these two would be perfect for my Tuesday treasures.
the first photo is of my mum and dad and I when I was probably around two. I love the faces of my mum and dad. They are young and happy, so much life to look forward to. When I look at pictures of when my boys were little I can feel the same feelings as they are expressing.
the next one has me in my most 'favouritest' dress ever. I think if it had fitted me as an adult I still would've worn it. I am pretty sure mum made it and I just loved it. The skirt would twirl and I felt like a wild gypsy. Go figure, most little girls would want to be a princess or ballerina, I wanted to be a gypsy! You can't see them but I have long black vinyl boots that laced up the front. I loved them too.
Have been busy making hexagons, mainly cream ones, so not very interesting to show. This week mum and I have a big shopping day planned. Gj's 25% off sale first then some more Spotlight fabrics.
Can't wait!
Have a great week.


Elyte said...

Lovely photos Marina, you all look so happy in the top photo ( you in particular).
I remember I had a spotted dress with puffy sleeves in early primary school and I just loved it. My mother made it for me and I wore it as often as I could.

Carrie P. said...

Your parents are a handsome couple and you sure were a cute little girl.

nicole said...

what great photos!
i'm making some hexies too ha!

Sheila said...

Interesting photos Marina , you looked very happy in your favorite dress and I think I'd rather be a gypsy than a princess too ;-)

BubzRugz said...

Those are great photo's and of course treasured memories...... It's great how you relate to the expressions on your parents faces..... I would have liked to have been a hippy!!!! Hugz

clare's craftroom said...

Oh how lovely what happy photos !
Thanks for playing Marina .

mandapanda said...

What fab pics! Love your dress, and those lace up boots would have been awesome!! I can just see the tops of them. I love teh smiles on your parents faces, so lovely! Thankyou for sharing!