Thursday, 1 July 2010

Thursday Day 4

Well here it is Day 4 and I wish there were so many more to come but there are only 6 days left (not including weekends)
Here are two pics of my Life is Beautiful top and my Heart and Home quilt top. The H & H was yesterday delivered to the quilters. In eight weeks I will have my lovely home again. I am so excited about it being finished!
Here is LIB with the border.  Spot the fur ball princess deciding to walk across the top as I took the photo.
and here is the H & H quilt
Have also done some of these.....
cream hexies to go around my flowers....
1 baby blanket finished, one quilted and one basted to quilt.
This one is on a flannelet fabric it is quite thick, as thick as blanketing but softer. It is lovely to touch. It is backed in a cotton and I hand stitched some pearl cotton around the border and around the bunny just to hold it together. Sweet I think.

My list should be going down nicely.
Note to self make sure items are not covered in dust before photographing. To prove that I dust occasionally Last week I vacuumed  my teddy collection, I won't confess when the last time I did it was but wool embroidered bear was a sickly grey colour before I vacuumed, but now looks like this...I think he enjoyed the freshen up.

Bye for now


Little Ted Canvas said...

Your quilting is really beautiful & I love that skipping bunny, so sweet..

Elyte said...

You have been very productive, I suppose all this cold weather is conducive to lots of stitching. It is a great feeling to tick items off the list. The quilts are lovely, both very different from one another but each with its own appeal. You will be able to put your feet up in week 2.

Mistea said...

Lots of quilty goodness there - keeping you cosy on these cool days.

She sure is a sweet teddy - must take the vacuum to mine sometime soon.

Narelle said...

Beautiful Works!
It's a good thing one of us is getting plenty done ... I just can't squeeze sewing time in at the moment ... need a holiday after the "holiday".
Enjoy the next 6 days. :o)

Carrie P. said...

Oh, such beautiful things you have made. the quilt is just awesome and yes, teddy looks quite happy.

Micki said...

Lovely projects! Your skipping bunny is just so cute!