Sunday, 27 June 2010

lovely winters day.....

 If ever I needed some sunshine it is on the weekend when I need to get that ten ton of washing done!
Well mother nature delivered and considering it is winter we have had two days of lovely sunshine, it isn't hot by any means but it is lovely and bright compared to the gloomy wintry weather we have had during the week.
I took some lovely pics of the garden. The camelias are bursting open and the blood oranges are waiting to develop that lovely red blush.

  I love the contrast in colour between the oranges and the dark green leaves. The tree is only about five foot high and is so full of fruit.


 Not much crafting been happening this week but that is all about to change. Holidays here I come!!! I have lots of things to get done so my first step will be to make a list. I just love to be able to cross things of a list.
So here it is the holiday to do list:
  • finish the three  two baby throws
  • put border on Life is Beautiful quilt
  • decide and start on the backing of LIB quilt
  • put border on Heart and Home quilt
  • catch up on Sweet Nostalgia stitcheries (am up to June's now)
  • do some hexagon borders-have done two rows of cream borders and some new hexies
  • embroider monogram for christening gown
Well that should keep me out of mischief.
Hope your weekend has been a good one.


Mistea said...

Beautiful pics of the garden - love the colours at this time of year.

Glad your holidays have gotten off to a sunny start - wishing you more sunshiny holiday days to get those things crossed off your to do list.


Elyte said...

That's a considerable list Marina. Make sure you make some time for shopping, coffee with friends, maybe some time in the kitchen and some long leisurely walks with lots of sleep ins.
Delegate all your chores to the boys (HA!)
We'll do a list check in two weeks.

Marina Brito de Campos said...

What beautiful fruit and flowers! What kind of winter do you have down there? I went to look on your Lib stitcheries and they are beautiful and quiet an inspiration!Have a nice holiday.