Thursday, 27 May 2010

flowers blooming

I haven't technically signed up for the hexagon flowers group but I am happy stitching on the sidelines. Here are some more flowers that have popped up. 
Seeing as I have not been doing anything other than these, they are multiplying quite quickly.

Some exciting news from this household.....No 2 baby  turned 18 yesterday and he went for his driving licence and passed with flying colours, in fact the tester didn't mark a thing on his examination sheet so technically he made no mistakes. Wooo Hooo!!
That is another car parked out the front of the house. Luckily we had some new concrete laid instead of a new lawn so there will be plenty of off street parking once we can drive on it.
It was great seeing my cousin and the guys working with him laying the concrete. It reminded me of my dad when he was still working. They did everything old school so I could imagine him supervising and joking with the boys. It was a lovely feeling yet tinged with some sadness.
We are hoping the rain will hold off for a few days so that the ground can dry a little for the party on the weekend. Should all be good. I am sure I will be so busy with cooking and cleaning for the weekend that my new garden may not be planted with any new flowers for a few days.
Roll on weekend


Serenata said...

They grow up oh so fast don't they? Congratulations to DS2 for passing!

Elyte said...

Hi Marina, those hexagons are looking very nice and it looks like you are really enjoying making them. Good luck with the party and hope the weather holds off for you all.

Mistea said...

Lots of pretty flowers in your garden - guess it makes up for the concrete out the front.

Enjoy the new freedom - one less to play taxi for! and playing in the kitchen and party.

Micki said...

I love how your hexagons are looking. You are doing a beautiful job!