Wednesday, 7 April 2010

LIB progress

I have been managing to spend some time productively on my Life is Beautiful blocks in between Easter weekend socialising and eating. Am almost over the cooking bug...thank goodness.
The most daunting part with putting the blocks together for me was how to cut out the circles at the back of the embroideries. Once that was mastered there was no stopping me.
I hand appliqued the stitched medallions onto the four patch blocks then ran the sewing machine around the edge with just some straight stitching as I couldn't seem to master blind hemming on my machine, I used the kiss principle-keep it simple stupid.

Here are all the cut out circles tacked to sew onto the alternate four patch blocks. I think they look quite cute. I tried hard to keep them circular.

The process of hand stitching them onto the blocks is quite time consuming but looks quite neat. I will have to work out whether I will machine stitch around them.....
It is great fun and quite challenging.
If there is some spare time I will start to cut out the sashings.
It is coming together quite nicely.......
Have a great day


Eli said...

Ciao Marina,
I've already told you that I can not wait to see your lib quilt once it is completed. You're creating a masterpiece that will certainly be worth all your effort! I love love the colors you choose, they are among my favorite.
Enjoy this week.
Un abbraccio

Annelies vdB said...

Wow, you did a lot. I already see a lot of round parts !

Elyte said...

It is really looking great. Your work is so neat and the colours are gorgeous. Those little circles look good enough to eat!

Serenata said...

As usual your quilting and embroidery is gorgeous!

Getting there with your flowers...hopefully will have finished and have in the post by Friday, or Monday at latest!

Marina Brito de Campos said...

Hi Marina,
You made a lot of progress in a short time. I just finished ironing the backs! I will be thinking of you as a rollmodel. For inspiration and courage when things get difficult.
Happy quilting, from Marina from the other side of the world!

Carrie P. said...

Hi Marina,
you have been very busy I see. Just finishing reading all I have missed. I Love the Life is Beautiful quilt you are working on. Your sweet nostalgia blocks look great. And all your hexies, fun to look at.
Love those little crochet flowers your friend sent to you and of course all the real flower photo are awesome.
Thanks for coming by my blog.