Wednesday, 10 February 2010

arrived and arrival!

I received a lovely unexpected surprise in the mail today. First was confirmation that my siggy block had arrived in Ireland at Micki's house and secondly a lovely siggy block from Micki in case I decide to ever to a siggy swap! That's just lovely Micki, thankyou. I will try to find a special place for it till a project comes along.
Tonight no 3 son and I went to his school for some 'seriously social volleyball'. It is great fun and we get to spend some time together. When we first started going last year I think I surprised him that I could 'play a sport at all'. Usually i am not a very sporty person especially when it's competitive. I just don't do competition well. But this is super fun and that will be my sport for the week. Sad isn't it!
Have been plodding along with my 'life is beautiful blocks' and my border appliques.
I tried to get my block four of my Heart and home but only managed to get half done. Talk about precision cutting and piecing but it will be worth it and I will have learnt some patience!
If it's worth doing it is worth doing well.
Cheers for now

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Micki said...

We both have a block from each other, and that is so nice. Thanks again for a lovely siggy!