Monday, 18 January 2010

some alterations and some newbies.....

I am half way through my first batch of traced Life is Beautiful stitcheries. I am going to do all the stitcheries first then put them together on the blocks as that also gives me a chance to get some extra fabrics for my stash. They will be 'holiday' projects.
I have added some 'extr'a to the owl as it just seemed to not have a complete body. Now I am happy.

todays agenda will include cutting and ironing on applique pieces for my Heart and Home border. The shop accidentally sent me block 5 instead of block 4. So I have missed a house block. I am not fussed as I have been busting to do the first borders. They have appliqued trees with cute rabbits at the base. So cute!
Have a great day!
(only two more days of stress free bliss to go.....)


Narelle said...

He does look really wise now!
I love the saying on the little birdies.

Kymberly said...

Love the addition of tummy feathers to the wise old owl. This project looks fantastic...I defenately want to get my hands on that pattern.

Bev said...

I'm getting tired just thinking about all you've gotten done during your holidays!! Could you send me some of your get up and go? lol Love the changes to the owl.

Mistea said...

Enjoy every last minute of your break. Love your blocks the birdies are especially cute. The owl has a rather distinguished look about him now. Very nice.

Serenata said...

Gorgeous, as is the quilt on the previous post. I do so admire your stitching skills. I've only got as far as thinking about things so far! Starting on some more flowers tonight though ;-)