Saturday, 16 January 2010

me again.....

I went to Jemima's this morning for their sale to buy fabric for my tisket a tasket bom top.
This is my last 'to do' for the holidays and I was waiting for the sale to go and splash out on the fabric I needed, I also was hoping the girls would help me pick some fabrics to finish this top. I get a bit overwhelmed with deciding which colourings to go with and they are always so helpful suggesting different colour ranges that may complement my blocks. I came straight home and didn't move from the sewing machine till the top was finished. Just to add the embellishments required and it is ready to quilt. Lucky there wasn't anyone wanting to be fed or tended to. (Iwould've ignored them anyway!)
I think I need that drum roll again.....

I can now return to work having finished all the things on my check list that I had earmarked for these holidays. The only problem is that 2010 will have to be the 'Year of Quilting' as I have too many tops needing quilting.
Have also managed to make a start on my Life is Beautiful stitcheries. I am stitching in a very dark brown, though I may add some lighter threads depending on the applique in that particular block as I am doing them.
I am a bit disappointed with my stitching as it doesn't seem as neat as I would like- I think the fabric piece is a bit small and I can't get a good hold on it, but the time has passed for unpicking so it will have to do. I have altered some little bits and pieces as I like to do.

The new Sweet Nostalgia block is up and I have traced it ready to start. It has a lovely snowman in the design and my favourite little dog is in on the act again.
best sign off for now, two posts in one day is extravagant but I am so happy to have finished the basket top. Woo hoo!
Have a great weekend!
(I know it is me now)


Narelle said...

Stunningly Gorgeous!!!
You must be soooo proud.

I like the effect of the brown cotton on that background.

Jilly said...

That's beautiful!

Bev said...

Wonderful finish for the basket blocks. I'm still way behind. Love the brown stitching on your "Life is Beautiful" blocks,too.

Mistea said...

The quilt is looking amazing - like the way it has come together.
Your new project looks like a fun one - Enjoy.

Kymberly said...

I absolutely love your tisket quilt. The fabrics are perfect for it. Your "Life is Beautiful" blocks look fabulous...can't wait to see more