Saturday, 16 January 2010

lost and found

Wow, have been having a 'brink of dementia' week this week. I have lost or 'misplaced' so many things and I have been going crazy trying to find them, retracing and retracing my steps to try to find them.
Well after a week of searching everyday, one by one the things have turned up and in quite logical places, mind you. It has been so frustrating and had me second guessing myself.
As Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter would say, 'It's the nargles..'
But no, rest assured family and friends I have not gone round the twist, just slightly off course!
Have been enjoying this last full week of holidays. Today am off to Jemima's sale to find the sashing and border fabrics for my Tisket Tasket block of the month.
cheers for now
(at least that's who I think I am!)

1 comment:

Narelle said...

I suggest lots of sewing time to ward off nasty nargles.
Happy Shopping!