Sunday, 3 January 2010

Happy New Year....

Well it has arrived, 2010. I don't think it will be easy getting used to writing that.
It will soon be time to pull down the tree and I will do so reluctantly. Mrs Grinch, that I am, I have enjoyed having the tree up and all the Chrismassy things out on display. But it is time to move on.....
It has been great being home and relaxing doing what I want and when I want (within reason).
I am going to cherish each day till I go back to work.
Hubby and I were both bitten by the 'organise' bug today. He has spent most of the day in his shed tidying and rearranging and I spent most of the day 'rearranging the deckchairs on the titanic' by sorting out my craft cupboard. When I visit blogs and people show off their studios, and sewing rooms I turn green with envy. One day I say, One day that will be me too. For now I have a cupboard in the laundry to store my 'stuff' , a small trolley in the kitchen, a suitcase for my fabric stash and use of the Kitchen table as long as it is clear by meal times. So pity me not and I will proudly show my 'sewing rooms' and only dream of what may be........
(the magnificent trolley by the dresser....)
(believe it or not this is the after shot, you should have seen it before I started tidying!)

I have also been catching up on my bom's. Here is my sweet nostalgia block 4 'Naughty or nice' done in plenty of time before the next one is due out. I just love the Santa and I made up his beard with french knots. There is that little dog again, if it was my Peggy she would have to say 'Naughty'.
Here are my second and third Heart and Home blocks. Just needing a bit of appliqueing and they will be ready for when block 4 arrives this week!

I have also managed to drag out the smocking ufo's and I have sewn up a baby romper to hand sewing stage. I have vowed to reduce the number of things in my ufo box. I used to smock so much but without littlies to sew for there isn't much incentive. I stopped making them as gifts too when I was finding them such a chore and I thought I should hold onto some things for when I have grandkiddies in case I never smock again!
Thus the ufo box. Every six months or so I go through the box and sort and reshuffle. Now I should be able to cross one off the list soon.

Have started reading Moby Dick this week. It's the sort of book that transports you back to another time! Am enjoying it a lot.
My goal is to read it before I go back to work.
I also want to rewatch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I have watched the last two Harry Potter Movies and today saw a trailer on the internet of the new movie-they looked fantastic. The first part of the Deathly Hallows won't be out till November this year and part two will be out in July 2011. I hope that is when the Australian release will be or I will burst, I can't wait for the movies to come out.

cheers for now


Serenata said...

Happy New Year! You have been busy :-) Your sewing 'studio' sounds much like mine ;-)

It's a gorgeous (but cold) day here today so am sitting here with the sun shining in, it is lovely.

Mistea said...

Love all your sewing space - like mine all over the house? That really is a gorgeous Santa, love the colours on your house block.

Micki said...

I love the Heart and Home blocks...Just wonderful applique work you did!

Dorothy said...

Marina, your Heart and Home Blocks are wonderful! I haven't been able to get near my applique since Mom was in hospital in November.
I love the little changes you made to your "Sweet Nostalgia" block.