Monday, 25 January 2010

dolly quilts done...

Dolly quilts are done. I can't wait to send them to the girls. They were quick and easy and finished in a day. What more could you want?
I cheated a bit with the quilting and machine quilted with the walking foot only through the top and iron on pellon. I put the back on as if it was a cushion and only machined around the edge, it is only a doll's quilt (that's my excuse and I am sticking to it)
They still look cute.

I did say to myself no more swaps for this year, except for the stitchers angel swap but I am being tempted by 'Dutch sisters' who are having a spring swap. As I was reading Dutch Blue blog and reading about the swap my mind was already working overtime thinking of what I could make. Stop it! I will slap myself if I have to...
It is so tempting. Do I stick to my guns or cave in. I love to do swaps and it is only a small one and the swap finishes in March.......
I will continue this argument throughout the day and let you know the final verdict.
Tomorrow we are off to our nieces for a super Australia Day bbq with some family.
Mum and Dad are coming up tonight for a roast dinner so it is socialising all round!
Have a lovely Australia Day for those in Australia and a lovely week for everyone else.

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Mistea said...

Pretty quilts - and you are right they are only Dolly ones the girls will love them anyway. Enjoy Australia Day