Friday, 8 January 2010

chillin' with my boys

This morning I had a doggy 'play date' with a work friend who has a golden retriever.
We went to the local reservoir and coffee and monty showed miss Sophia how to swim. Sophia just couldn't commit to swimming no matter how much she wanted to go in on the inside. She did fall in once and had a good swim but she just wouldn't go back in. Coffee and Monty fetched their bumpers for about an hour. They had a ball. Today the temp is due to get up to 35 degrees so they have had a big chill out to survive the day.

I received two goodies in the mail this week. One is some fabric I bought on e-bay to start my Life is Beautiful stitching. I have cut out some squares, traced 7 and done the applique. I just have to decide on the stitching colour.
Helen recommends a fusible wash away stabiliser. The one I have found on the internet is quite expensive and I am not sure whether to use it or not. Has anyone used this Floriani stitch and wash?
My brown and cream stash is ready to use for this project too. I just want a few more colours to contrast....

The background fabric for the stitcheries is from the Aviary range. I just love it.

I am looking forward to starting but the more I read the pattern the more daunting it seems. Nothing like a challenge!

My second mail treat was a lovely card from Kymberly which had a pattern in it.
It looks great and could make a dent in my fabric stash or I could just get a heap of new fabrics to make it!

Isn't it great.
Have a lovely weekend

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Mistea said...

Lucky boys getting to swim in this weather. Pretty fabrics for your new project - Enjoy