Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Loving the holidays!

Well I am definitely in holiday mode. I can always tell when I am in the zone as I never know what day it is. lol . Absolute bliss.
I have been busy finishing a project- My unmentionable quilt.
I started this enthusiastically when the first design came out, I couldn't resist a Leanne Beasley design, and after a few months I stopped for reasons I won't go into, I was going to leave it and put it in the back of the cupboard as a defeat and never mention it again. Just the thought of it would make me cringe.
My mum kept up with the patterns and after a few months she talked me into keeping up with it. Well we reached the end of the patterns and it still left a bitter taste for me. I couldn't be bothered putting it together and I was going to just divide and conquer the blocks into smaller projects. Mum started her own version and by the start of this week had pieced most of the top. Her finishing inspired me to pull my own blocks out to finish and after a few days of hard slog, I finished my top today! I am so glad that I did. I am very happy with it and all the bitterness has left and I can enjoy it again. I just need to do the outer borders. I have changed some things in the blocks as I always do and now I need to also collect the bits and pieces to embellish certain blocks.
I have to take some snaps of mums quilt too so you can compare!
here are some of my favourite blocks.

This block and the promise of Bronwyn Hayes designs enticed me to want to do this project also the fabric collection was just what I wanted to use.

(the car needs some wheels)

And the finished quilt.......
Hope everyone has a lovely and safe Christmas!
Thanks for dropping by and being a 'blog friend'
And in the immortal words of the Clampetts
Y'all come back now!

Christmas cheers


Serenata said...

It looks lovely Marina, I bet now you are almost there it has been worth it!

Glad you are enjoying the holidays.

Micki said...

The quilt is just incredible! Enjoy your holidays!

Narelle said...

Beautiful quilt Marina!

Funny how we can be so governed by the clock and which day it is ... and then come holiday time, completely lose track.

Have a happy and safe Christmas.

Mistea said...

It is good the holidays are working for you - I love that feeling of not knowing what day it is. Beautiful quilt.