Wednesday, 9 December 2009

I love youse....

Today I remembered why I love my boys so much.
No 1 son was home today and prepared everything for dinner and made an absolutely superb pavlova for desert and if you look at the pic, not a bad effort for a first try. I was so glad I didn't have to get tea ready I could just sit back and wait for the dishes to have to be done. He is so thoughtful.

No 2 son gave me a hug while I was finishing dinner, just out of the blue and then No3 son while drying the dishes said to me 'You know how much I love you mum? I love you more than anything and more '
These are the little gifts that make being a mum worthwhile. I don't care about Mother's day when there are days like this.
They made me proud yesterday at the funeral too.
In the words of the immortal Jeff Fenech
I Love youse all.......


Serenata said...

How wonderful! I wonder if my boys will ever do that for me?!

The pavlova looks some yummy.

Narelle said...

Looks like a chef in the making there ... delicious!

Our children know just when to be extra wonderful!

Mistea said...

That is beautiful - and a tribute to the parents. Enjoy your young people.

Micki said...

I loved your post!