Thursday, 3 December 2009

Does my blog look Christmassy like this......

(you need to say this in the same tones as you would ask 'does my butt look big in this?')

Here is the unloved Santa that is so detested in my household. I just love him and think he has a kind warm face. He has a lovely gold gift sack on his back and I hope he brings lumps of coal to all the detractors in this house that criticise him!
As soon as I found him in the cupboard there were unanimous groans and moans.
Well Get over it and suck it up Princesses- I said. I like him and he is staying out.
As he gets put away unceremoniously at the end of the Christmas season, moths or some insects have gotten to one of his eyebrows. I must remember to pack him away with some mothballs this year.
I have redecorated my blog background to a festive theme and put my babushka santas in my header. The pointsettia plate in the background is one of mum's works of art. I just adore it and it only comes out for special occasions. I am always scared I will drop it or chip it.

While waiting for the next two bom instalments- basket and summer nostalgia, I have resolved that I must finish hand quilting my pin wheel throw. I am doing a stipple pattern in the cream parts of the pinwheel and it is taking me forever. I don't think I will try that again. In different parts the stippling is quite close and when I was a bit tired of it it is quite open. That is just the way it will have to stay! If I do a few triangles everynight I should have it finished in about a week or so.
That isn't so bad.......


Narelle said...

Very Christmassy! Bright and Cheery!
and a merry little Santa to go with it.
I think he looks cute.

Micki said...

I love your decorations, and the Santa is lovely! I am getting a Father Christmas figure next week, and I do love Santa!

corry said...

Your blog looks lovely, very Christmassy! I love your stitcheries from the nostalgia BOM. Have a wonderful weekend!