Sunday, 27 December 2009


Wow, Christmas day has passed and it was a very successful day, especially after we got the oven temp sorted. DH was almost in a fetal position in front of the oven door after it refused to move past 120 degrees. The turkeys had just been put in so it was looking like we would be having raw turkey and cold ham for the meal. The oven gods intervened and we got back on track.
Now I am suffering severe Christmas lag - similar to jet lag but brought on by Christmas festivities.
No 3 son and I had great fun setting the table for lunch. The tablecloth was bought at a 50% off Christmas fabrics special at spotlight. Bargain or what!
We made an Aussie christmas centrepiece by decorating some gum tree branches with decorations.

Here was the final jewel in our christmas crown- berries and fruit trifle!

Here are some pics of my mum's quilt 'that shall not be named'.
She changed some things on her blocks to suit her style of doing things too and put it together her own way and I think she just did a superb job. It fits on a double bed, mine will be a bit smaller. I like that we can put our own individual touches to patterns to make them a little bit our own.
(all the swirls in the border are done in satin embroidery)
(the girls dresses are made up entirely of french knots-and she calls me obsessive, I replaced this block with something a bit easier)

cheers for now!


Serenata said...

Huge table! Looks like you had a wonderful family Christmas meal.

The quilt looks beautiful. How long did it take your mum to make?

Mistea said...

I love your Christmas table and your mum's quilt blocks look gorgeous. I understand I too suffered from Christmas Lag. Enjoy the New Year

Dorothy said...

Marina, your Christmas table looks lovely and that trifle looks delicious! Your Mom's quilt blocks are terrific, her attention to details is spectacular.

Micki said...

Looks like you had a very elegant Christmas and I really enjoyed seeing your beautiful work!