Monday, 30 November 2009

I love monday,,

Well this monday at least. I had a day off work and Hubby and I went out for lunch to celebrate our 24th Wedding anniversary. I can't believe I am getting that old!
We had a beautiful lunch, I am still dreaming of the magnificent creme brulee that I had for sweets....yummmmm
In this house I am considered the grinch, scrooge, the terrible mother that doesn't like Christmas, etc etc. Well I want them all to eat their words. When we got home I got out my little Santa collection and put them out on display, I even got out my Christmas quilt that I made last year and have hung it up. Just the christmas tree to go. Maybe this weekend.
I don't enjoy Christmas very much. Too much pressure to enjoy it, to spend too much money and to spend time with people you may not like to. Gee I do sound like a grinch! Anyway I am determined to get some Christmas spirit, by hook or by crook. Keep those positive, festive thoughts going around my head and I may actually pull it off.
Here is a picture of my music box santa. I dabbled in ceramics years ago and it was finally finished around 6 years ago- when I found someone else to finish it off.
On the craft front.
My christmas swap goodies are winging their way to the UK to Lorraine . All finished in time and hopefully posted in time to miss any hold ups.
Here is my finished block 3 of the Summer nostalgia bom. I am quite happy with it. I love Dorothy's drawings. Now that it's finished I may pull out block two and trace that one up as well.

Next post I will show some more of my santas.....
I have one that has been banned from the loungeroom. There have been attempted abductions of him, My husband even offered to take him to the range for some target practice. No wonder I have such negative Christmas feelings...
I love this Santa but unfortunately I am the only one. But he will appear this Christmas!
Back to work tomorrow....


Narelle said...


I'm interested to see your banned Santa :-)

Serenata said...

A very Happy Anniversay Marina! LOL one of our 'traditions' is to watch The Grinch every Christmas Eve.

Bev said...

Happy Anniversary, Marina!

Dorothy said...

Happy Anniversary Marina. I love your Santas!
We're going to be bringing the Christmas decorations up from the basement tomorrow. I'll post some photos of some of my Santas.
Your November "Sweet Nostalgia" block looks great!

Carrie P. said...

Your block is so great. Still working on mine.