Thursday, 1 October 2009

Lost in Austen

Monday I made the big mistake of visiting the library with DH, I felt like reading and I thought I would like to have a little bit of a Jane Austen immersion. I found the dvd of Sense and Sensibility and had to order in a couple of books much to the mocking of my teenage boys. "Oh I love a period drama, what channel is that on? OOhh I love that Mr Darcy (Colin Firth's Mr Darcy of course)......"
I read Pride and Prejudice in year 10 (a lifetime ago) and have always loved this book, thanks to a very inspirational English teacher.
There is only one thing wrong with me reading.....Once I start, I get lost in the book and all else falls by the wayside. My tedious job of hand stiple quilting has been replaced by images of Col. Brandon and Mr Ferrars, and now that I have started the book the image of Mr Darcy has pushed his way in there too. Miss Elizabeth and Miss Jane leave me alone I must finish the quilting before the holidays are over, no I don't want to have afternoon tea, your witty retorts are too much...... I promised myself I would finish....
Tonight they have the Chronicles of Narnia on tv too.
Too many choices TV, Jane Austen, or hand quilting?
Imust go to the sink and do the dishes first, I do my best thinking at the sink. If only one of the boys would hold the book up while I did the dishes....
cheers for now
ps my first parcel for the Stitcher's angel swap has been well received by Kymberly in the States, Phew that is a relief. Second one hit the post today then only one more to go.

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