Saturday, 3 October 2009

At the sewing machine....

Yesterday was my last day of my holidays and I was determined to spend it doing what I wanted. No 3 son went to lunch and the pictures with a friend of his so I seemed to have the whole day to myself. My arm is so sore from the hand quilting that I just needed a break from that and I managed to put the book down too.
I thought I would drag out my blue and red dutch squares and make the complementing squares- the fabric has been there for quite a few months. I have decided that these tops will be table toppers as they seem to be a bit busy to make a quilt. I have bagged up the rows for the toppers and had some squares left over so thought I would just make a small table runner type thing from 9 blocks. I am almost happier with these than I am with the larger ones. I will try to sew up the bigger ones today and then decide if I like them as much. It will be nice to have made something with these fabrics. The bigger tops are 5 x 5 I know it isn't much bigger but it does seem to make them seem so much 'busier'. I am determined to machine quilt, I will cross my fingers and hope this turns out ok.
I even managed to make a yummy dinner of Chicken Chasseur thanks to my friend Maggi.
Everyone loved it and commented how nice it was. They cracked up when I told them about the casserole base packet. All fair in Love and war.......It was really nice. Thanks Maggi.
Have a great weekend.


Micki said...

Glad that you got to do what you love! You do beautiful work!

Mistea said...

Both of those are beautiful - can't wait to see what the others look like.

AlessandraLace said...

I love them!!!hugs

Kate said...

I love your quilts, really pretty.
Great blog by the way.
Have a great week
(mum of 4 boys)