Tuesday, 21 July 2009

pif gift arrived

A few months ago I made a lovely bloggy friend- Linda. She was having a PIF sign up and I signed up for hers. When it came to getting people for my PIF I wasn't so lucky so I decided that I would like to PIF to Linda as a thanks. We have a bit in common as we both are owned and loved by curlies.
She received her parcel and is very happy with her goodies. It was a small thought to say thanks. Through Linda I found Khris' blog and signed up for her FRIENDS swap. The blog world is a small and lovely place. Glad you liked your goodies Linda and for being a blogging, curly friend.


Narelle said...

Lovely gifts, lucky Linda.

Sew Lind said...

Thank you again Marina :-) Such beautiful fabric and really clever scissor bag design! Loved the Curly items too, where did you find them?
All the best, Linda

Micki said...

Lovely gifts! Enjoy them all!