Wednesday, 29 July 2009

movie review......

Well not much to show and tell as far as craftiness goes. All my stitching time is taken up with hand quilting my Girls day out quilt. Nearly half way there. I am pretty well making it up as I go along-usually works for me.
Thought I would share a review of the last two films I have seen. I have a friend that I go to the movies with, we usually see something pretty benign as she doesn't usually like the movies I want to go see and I am happy to see almost anything- except the sooky girly movies. We went to see My Life in ruins- a new film with Nia Vardalos (from My big fat greek wedding) well we could've left it where we found it. It was pretty lame and the jokes were very cliched. Score 2 feeble giggles and that is it.
My other disappointment at the movies was Harry Potter. I was busting to see it but was quite disappointed. Some scenes were not even from the book and other things that I thought were very important to the story were just omitted. I am dreading what they will do to the last book. I re read the last two novels just to bring myself back to the 'genuine' story that i adore. I may try to go see it again and just ignore the errors.
score 2 sobs for stuffing the story.
This week dh and I will go to see Red Cliff- a super dooper chinese film by John Woo. His films are usually visually breathtaking so am looking forward to it.
Can't wait!! I don't think I will be disappointed this time.
Hopefully some crafty news next post.


Sew Lind said...

Thanks for the movie reviews, how disappointing! I think I'll have to re-read the 6th HP book before seeing the movie, DD is the only one who's seen it so far.

Micki said...

I enjoyed the movie reviews. It is always nice to get someone else's opinion.

Helz said...

Hello There Marina... have been trying to Email you over the past couple of weeks but does not sound like you have recieved any of them... have used the address from your Email & checked with Maree also definately the same Addy maybe landing in your Junk Mail Folder ???